Trip to West Point Lighthouse in PEI - 5 Meows

Something you may not know about me is that I am a huge Lighthouse buff! I am not sure which I enjoy more, climbing up the stairs or staring at the light when I get to the top! It is my hope to visit all the lighthouses in the world before I die! Some people tell me it is impossible to visit every lighthouse, but I do not listen. Look at the dummies who told me a naked cat could not travel around Canada climbing up lighthouses! Now who's laughing? OK we are all laughing....because these are some pretty funny pictures...Looks like a big climb! This is a very well maintained place. They also have a restaurant, gift shop and Inn. One of the bedrooms you can stay in is inside the actual lighthouse! My people are booking a room there for me later this year. I rated this attraction: 5 Meows out of 5.Here I am jogging up the stairs. Daddy looks a little worried here about my level of speed but that is because he is an amateur.Here I am at the top, enjoying the view with my people: Daddy and Mackenzie. I could look out these windows all day!
Here is the view Im staring at.OOoooooh! Look at the pretty green light! It is almost hypnotizing....
After that big climb we ate at the West Point Lighthouse Restaurant. Daddy is about to share his fish n chips with me!For desert I had some Peas and Carrots....MMmmmm!Here I am posing in one of those silly pictures outside the lighthouse.I LOVED the giant sandy beach litter box! The long grasses were delicious, and there were lots of sand fleas and flying bugs to chase after. Also, pets have to stay on a leash at this beach so I did not have to worry about dogs chasing me while I ran around!

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