Sleep Warrior

Like many felines, I am a professional napper. I am such an expert in the matters of sleep, I prefer to call myself a SLEEP WARRIOR! Here I go, off to WAR!The pillow is my SWORD. The blanket my SHIELD, and the Kingsdown Berringer No flip Pillow top with individually wrapped coils is my TRUSTY STEED. A key to satisfying sleep is having the proper equipment. This is my "Sleep Innovations" micro fibre pillow with massaging nubs.

Comfy pajamas and a hot water bottle with a knitted cover are "must haves" for winter hibernation.

....and everyone needs a well loved stuffed friend....or froggie

A "Snuggie" is also an excellent investment. Currently, the Snuggie is manufactured for humans and dogs but SLEEP WARRIORS must shatter stereotypes.
As you can see, the marketing tool of the Snuggie is its sleeves. So you can access your television remote without removing your arms from the blanket. I was skeptical, but it is true! The Snuggie permits hand movement while keeping you snuggled.
Sleep comes easier with relaxing pre bedtime rituals. Here I am watching the food network on my big screen TV. This makes me crave another popular custom....
The bedtime snack! Again, note my proper equipment....the correct tools are important for success!

A light and soothing elixir such as chamomile tea can help induce slumber.

Delicious! These tea time photos are by my friend at "Soft Stone Imagery".

Efficient sleep warriors are always on the lookout for new recruits!

Size and smell are unimportant. That is me beside "Horizen's" Neapolitan mastiff bottom.
Cats are often considered sleep experts because they snooze anywhere from 13-16 hours per day. Only bats and opossums would be better recruits at a whopping 20 hours per diem!

Another pivotal ticket to effective sleep is the ability to succumb WHENEVER and WHEREVER the sandman calls. I refer to this as a sleep emergency.
Although I often experience sleep emergencies, I try to be awake at dawn and dusk. This is called Crepuscular, a sleep pattern that cats likely developed because their prey is also most active at dawn and dusk.

Global positioning is also important. Whether that is locating a good sunbeam.... or finding a comfortable manner in which to position your body!
A good sleep warrior is prepared to wake suddenly and land on his feet!
I hope you have learned everything there is to know about becoming a SLEEP WARRIOR!
I shall leave you with this wise quote:
"In these days of tension, human beings can learn a great deal about relaxation from watching a cat, who doesn't just lie down when it is time to rest, but pours his body on the floor and rests in every nerve and muscle."
- Murray Robinson

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