Book Review - "When Cats Assassinate" 4 Meows

Me reading by my nightlight. Cats are nocturnal you know!

Well! This creative genius, written by David Watts and Andrew Davies, was loaded with full color pictures of pure feline violence. It is definitely a book for the adult cat reader. With this R rated warning in mind, I give "When Cats Assassinate" 4 out of 5 Meows.
The history of feline domination over dogs is discussed in detail, with examples of Egyptian cat worship (Now those were the good old days!) and the "cat like" names of instruments of mass destruction....the CATapault, CAT o' Nine Tails etc. The book also covers the influence on felines from popular movies, giving rise to copyCAT displays of violence against dogs. Endless viewing of James Bond films is recommended to any feline interested in joining the war on dogs.

OK people, enough with the candid shots, I am trying to finish my book!
My favorite quote is "Cats are helped in their killer quest by most dogs' basic lack of brain cells. Curiosity may have killed the cat one time, but sheer stupidity killed most dogs." HA! Brilliant no?

This fabulous manual gave me a plethora of ideas to test on my room mates pictured below....


You can check out this book yourself on amazon.com by entering the ISBN#1 85648 771 7. Or buy a copy from me in my booth at the flea market.
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NBAAC Sussex Giant Flea Market - 0 Meows

This was going to be a page about my trip to the Annual Sussex Flea Market, which is put on by the New Brunswick Antique Auto Club (NBAAC). I was going to post some shots of me shopping for a new birdhouse and admiring the antiques and folk art.

Here is the NBAAC Sussex Flea Market Web Site
http://www.nbaac.org/fleamarket.htm . You may notice it says No dogs with the exception of those working for the disabled.
(After my complaint, they changed their website)

Unfortunately I was not permitted to enter!

Here I am outside the ticket booth with daddy. We actually paid and got in. I was inside my travel bag under mom's arm, but when my ears poked out of my hoodie the security guard came running and asked me to leave even though I told him I was not a dog. I was also wearing a shirt labelled "Security" so maybe they felt threatened...
My people asked for a manager, or a person to call to sort out this case of mistaken identity. Once we established that I was indeed a cat, and not a dog, we were told "No PETS are allowed to enter".
My people and I tried explaining that I was not a pet! I am a serious adventure cat who reports on local tourism! It may sound crazy, but this is my job. I have my own blog! I just reviewed Peggy's cove! I work at a flea market! I earn good money! I was featured in the "Times and Transcript"!
We were referred to the supervisor of security who did not seem impressed with my credentials. We asked if she would like to see my web site? She did not want to. She did tell us "You are definitely not allowed in with the cat" and "You people top the list of all the people I've spoken to today". I do not think that was meant to be a compliment.
So that is all I have to report about the Annual Sussex Flea Market put on by the NBAAC. Their ticket booths are green. Their security is tight.
They get a whopping 0 Meows out of 5.
Upon returning to my humble abode I had my people write a letter on my behalf, to the NBAAC via email (or peemail for some of you). If you are interested I posted a copy of said letter below:
Hi there, I report on tourist attractions and was refused entry into the Sussex flea market. I would like to lodge a formal complaint. Here is my web log on which I post my ratings of various functions, restaurants and sights. http://www.nofuratu.blogspot.com/ . You may think this is some kind of a joke. I assure you I am quite serious and disappointed with my treatment. I currently work at Carson's flea market in Moncton every Sunday, have paid for a booth at Magnetic Hill flea market for the last 4 years and have been asked over and over by my fans if I will get a booth at the Sussex Flea Market. With this in mind I had my people drive me there today to check out the set up and post a review of my findings on my web site. I did exactly that.
Thank you for your time,

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Nofuratu Does Peggy's Cove - 5 Meows

This is my favorite lighthouse so far! Although you can not climb into this one or check out the light up close...the view is worth the trip. Now even though you do not get to climb the lighthouse stairs, there is still a lot of climbing to do on the surrounding rocks! This can be a very dangerous place. The rocks can get slippery and rogue waves can grab you and wash you out to sea. Here is a sign they posted for amateurs lacking Cat like reflexes.
I do all my own stunts you know! But I am a professional adventure cat.Does this parka make me look fat? Maybe I should lay off the creamers at the coffee shop....On second thought, I will just buy a larger parka.
Here I am with one of my people, Mikey. I got tired of walking.
This is me and another of my people, Alex. We are relaxing.Here we are again close up. This picture is my favorite because all 3 of my people are in it with me. Mike, Alex (holding me) and Mackenzie. Checking out the gift shop! I give thizzzz....attraction ...5 Meowzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........out of.........ZZZzzzz.Do not forget to check out my older archived blogs. Just click on a date under the "More of My Adventures" heading at the top right of the page.
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Bottle Houses - Cape Egmont, PEI - 5 Meows

These houses are made entirely from glass bottles and mortar! They are inside a beautiful mature garden. My people and I took a self guided tour. This first building is a chapel where real services have been held. Hope I don't burst into flames when we go in... Mackenzie and I sitting in a pew beside a side altar. That giant cross is gorgeous but makes me a little nervous.
Nofuratu's Historical fact: Long ago domestic cats were almost made extinct! Society viewed cats as accomplices in witchcraft and slaughtered as many cats as possible. This shortage of cats, and thus increase in rodents, was a contributing factor to the spread of the plague in the 15 to 1600's that killed millions of people. That is Cat Karma for you! Here we are close up. Beautiful no?This is a view of the pulpit.
I am King of the World!!! Here are my people taking a rest. I am off chasing bumble bees!I partook in smelling this particular wild rosebush aka "Rosa acicularis nipponensis" for over 5 minutes. Maybe I will try to grow some by my window at home...General view of the gardenDaddy and I peeking out a side door. Some of the bottles have loose change in them. I would put some pennies in but I left my purse in the car. Who needs luck anyway? I have 9 lives!Roadside Monument to let you know you are at the "Maison des Bouteilles".I am very tired after running around the gardens so daddy takes me back to the car via piggyback. All these sites and smells combined with the huge feat of building houses out of bottles! I give this attraction 5 Meows out of 5. A Bientot!
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Cape Bear Lighthouse - 5 Meows

Cape Bear lighthouse was small, but packed with interesting historical artifacts! Marconi station at Cape Bear lighthouse was the first Canadian land station to hear the Titanic's SOS signal in 1912. During WW2 the lighthouse was used to watch for German U Boats.
My people and I outside Cape Bear Lighthouse at Murray Harbour, PEI. In case you are wondering what a cat looks like while climbing, here are some snapshots. Sniffing the landing on the second floor. Yep, smells like feet.
Ooooh, look at the pretty light.....Do not forget to check out my older archived blogs. Just click on a date under the "More of My Adventures" heading at the top right of the page.
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Trip to West Point Lighthouse in PEI - 5 Meows

Something you may not know about me is that I am a huge Lighthouse buff! I am not sure which I enjoy more, climbing up the stairs or staring at the light when I get to the top! It is my hope to visit all the lighthouses in the world before I die! Some people tell me it is impossible to visit every lighthouse, but I do not listen. Look at the dummies who told me a naked cat could not travel around Canada climbing up lighthouses! Now who's laughing? OK we are all laughing....because these are some pretty funny pictures...Looks like a big climb! This is a very well maintained place. They also have a restaurant, gift shop and Inn. One of the bedrooms you can stay in is inside the actual lighthouse! My people are booking a room there for me later this year. I rated this attraction: 5 Meows out of 5.Here I am jogging up the stairs. Daddy looks a little worried here about my level of speed but that is because he is an amateur.Here I am at the top, enjoying the view with my people: Daddy and Mackenzie. I could look out these windows all day!
Here is the view Im staring at.OOoooooh! Look at the pretty green light! It is almost hypnotizing....
After that big climb we ate at the West Point Lighthouse Restaurant. Daddy is about to share his fish n chips with me!For desert I had some Peas and Carrots....MMmmmm!Here I am posing in one of those silly pictures outside the lighthouse.I LOVED the giant sandy beach litter box! The long grasses were delicious, and there were lots of sand fleas and flying bugs to chase after. Also, pets have to stay on a leash at this beach so I did not have to worry about dogs chasing me while I ran around!

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On the Fairy to PEI - 2 Meows

Whether you call it a Ferry or Fairy, it is all the same to me! It is just a big stupid boat with cold wind, wet spraying water and lots of rocking and vibrating. On the other hand, the people were friendly and the cafeteria food smelled good! I gave this method of transportation 2 Meows out of 5. I was delighted when I heard we were taking the bridge back!This is daddy and I in our matching raincoats! Good thing mom made us wear them because it was wet and windy on board.
Here is a close up of me taking a power nap during the ferry ride.This is another fairy we passed on the way.......lots of traffic!Here are my people and I out on deck...This is Jason. He is my new friend. He taught me that "cat" is pronounced "Mouw" in Cantonese. I am not clear on the spelling, but that is how you say it. Jason has inspired me! I am thinking of taking some foreign language courses in September.

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