Bottle Houses - Cape Egmont, PEI - 5 Meows

These houses are made entirely from glass bottles and mortar! They are inside a beautiful mature garden. My people and I took a self guided tour. This first building is a chapel where real services have been held. Hope I don't burst into flames when we go in... Mackenzie and I sitting in a pew beside a side altar. That giant cross is gorgeous but makes me a little nervous.
Nofuratu's Historical fact: Long ago domestic cats were almost made extinct! Society viewed cats as accomplices in witchcraft and slaughtered as many cats as possible. This shortage of cats, and thus increase in rodents, was a contributing factor to the spread of the plague in the 15 to 1600's that killed millions of people. That is Cat Karma for you! Here we are close up. Beautiful no?This is a view of the pulpit.
I am King of the World!!! Here are my people taking a rest. I am off chasing bumble bees!I partook in smelling this particular wild rosebush aka "Rosa acicularis nipponensis" for over 5 minutes. Maybe I will try to grow some by my window at home...General view of the gardenDaddy and I peeking out a side door. Some of the bottles have loose change in them. I would put some pennies in but I left my purse in the car. Who needs luck anyway? I have 9 lives!Roadside Monument to let you know you are at the "Maison des Bouteilles".I am very tired after running around the gardens so daddy takes me back to the car via piggyback. All these sites and smells combined with the huge feat of building houses out of bottles! I give this attraction 5 Meows out of 5. A Bientot!
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