On the Fairy to PEI - 2 Meows

Whether you call it a Ferry or Fairy, it is all the same to me! It is just a big stupid boat with cold wind, wet spraying water and lots of rocking and vibrating. On the other hand, the people were friendly and the cafeteria food smelled good! I gave this method of transportation 2 Meows out of 5. I was delighted when I heard we were taking the bridge back!This is daddy and I in our matching raincoats! Good thing mom made us wear them because it was wet and windy on board.
Here is a close up of me taking a power nap during the ferry ride.This is another fairy we passed on the way.......lots of traffic!Here are my people and I out on deck...This is Jason. He is my new friend. He taught me that "cat" is pronounced "Mouw" in Cantonese. I am not clear on the spelling, but that is how you say it. Jason has inspired me! I am thinking of taking some foreign language courses in September.

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