Nofuratu Does Peggy's Cove - 5 Meows

This is my favorite lighthouse so far! Although you can not climb into this one or check out the light up close...the view is worth the trip. Now even though you do not get to climb the lighthouse stairs, there is still a lot of climbing to do on the surrounding rocks! This can be a very dangerous place. The rocks can get slippery and rogue waves can grab you and wash you out to sea. Here is a sign they posted for amateurs lacking Cat like reflexes.
I do all my own stunts you know! But I am a professional adventure cat.Does this parka make me look fat? Maybe I should lay off the creamers at the coffee shop....On second thought, I will just buy a larger parka.
Here I am with one of my people, Mikey. I got tired of walking.
This is me and another of my people, Alex. We are relaxing.Here we are again close up. This picture is my favorite because all 3 of my people are in it with me. Mike, Alex (holding me) and Mackenzie. Checking out the gift shop! I give thizzzz....attraction ...5 Meowzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........out of.........ZZZzzzz.Do not forget to check out my older archived blogs. Just click on a date under the "More of My Adventures" heading at the top right of the page.
© 2008 Aislynne


Anonymous said...

This is the strangest thing that I have ever seen. If I posted a pic of my "behind" online It would be considered pornography.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that when my 11 year old found this site, she had nightmares for days!

Nofuratu said...

I am so sorry to hear about your child's phobia of lighthouses! The Peggys Cove lighthouse is one of the most recognizable operational lighthouses in the world. I hope one day you will be able to visit this magical place as a family. I tried to find the name associated with a fear of lighthouses, to send you helpful information for a cure. However, there is no documentation on the subject. I wish your family all the best!

Anon said...

Haha. you are funny Nofuratu!

We found you through Daisy the Curlycat and we LOVE Sphynxes. (I am a Cornish Rex, and I have a Burmese sister Coco and a Tonk brother Mouse.)
Your photos are fantastic!


Anonymous said...

I must say the my 11 year old is not in anyway afraid of lighthouses. Peggy's Cove is very beautiful and we have visited many times, along with other lighthouses in NB, NS and PEI. But some of the photos that you have posted on this site of the were....not in good taste.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should be monitoring your children more closely when online, especially if they are offended by pictures of cats in parkas and good natured humour. The best thing about blogs is that if you don't like it, you don't have to look at it.

B- I also looked for a phobia of lighthouses and found nothing..except that there is supposed to be an excellent ice cream stand near Peggy's cove..maybe this would help alleviate what is clearly a fear by-proxy

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful lighthouse! Great pictures! See you around the site Nofuratu! Sphynxlair-Sphynx Cat Community

Philene Severa said...

Oh Nofur, I love your witty retorts in response to those who walk among us, dragging their knuckles along the ground. I agree with the one poster above -- if you don't like something -- be it a tv show/station, web site, song -- you have the option to not listen/read/view it. And not everything you dislike in this world merits a negative response just for the sake of making one. Find something you enjoy (if you even can) and post about that. Perhaps your parents never taught you that -- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.