Halifax Tall Ships Festival - 5 meows

This summer I was fortunate enough to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the Tall Ships Festival! Growing up in the Maritimes has provided a great opportunity to develop my latest hobby: Amateur ship enthusiast!

The first step of nautical expertise is mastering the terminology. In this photo I am at the Port (left) side of the bow (front).
This was a spur of the moment trip, so my people did not have my stroller packed. Daddy had to carry me around every place I wanted to see!

Lucky for me, my Daddy has big strong arms! I love my Daddy!

Many of the ships had intricate figureheads! Usually in the shape of a beast or human female, these forms of bow ornamentation were introduced in the 16th century.
The purpose of a figurehead was to illustrate the ship's name in a non verbal manner, and the immense power of its owner.
Hhhmmmm. Do you see a resemblance?
One of the most thrilling aspects of the Tall Ships Festival is getting to board a ship and take a tour! The Etoile, built in Normandy, France, in 1932 seems like a good choice.
Etoile means "Star" en Francais. Here we are about to storm the ETOILE! AARRGGHH!

Much to my chagrin, the sailors were armed. Although I carry concealed daggers in each toe, I am no match for their rifles. (Sigh). This instance reminds me of my military reenactment attempt at "St. Andrews by the Sea", when my people forgot to pack gun powder.....
Since I am still reeling from my adrenaline induced bravado, let us have a peek over the edge then....hmm....yep....looks wet.
I am almost overcome with an incredible urge to climb these ropes....
This photo makes it look like I DID climb the ropes! Ha Ha! It is just my people looking up at something.
During our adventure I was repeatedly swarmed by the Paparazzi! (The previous night I had my television debut on the Halifax local news.) So everywhere I went during the festival, people would shout out "That's the Cat I saw on T.V!" and crowd around for autographs.
All the attention and excitement was exhausting! I do not know how Hollywood celebrities manage!
The part I love most about meeting fans is getting petted!
Successful celebrities need to be able to multi task. Here I am taking a power nap while mom gives me a fitting for a new smoking jacket.
I like it! .....but how does my butt look?
STOP! Is that what I think it is? Yesss!
FLYING PING PONG BALLS! Brilliant!!! How do I get in?
Stand still daddy! I need to watch the ping pong balls!....Must stay awake....to............wa..t..ch....

zzzz....bouncy.....white...........what............what is on my head?
ARRRGH! My people think they are SO funny! Well, I suppose I do look handsome in it though. It does accentuate my golden eyes and fiery nose hairs....I give the Halifax Tall Ships Festival, and my new hat, 5 meows out of 5!
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© 2010 Aislynne


Shopping Spree at Poochey Couture - 6 Meows out of 5

As a fashion expert, and naked cat I admit to having a small obcession with clothing and assesories. Here is a photo of my closet at home which contains my everyday wear. (I also have a trunk full of costumes such as a tuxedo, kimono, karate outfit etc.)
Due to the high cost of pet clothes and since I have five naturally built in knitting needles on each front paw , I did consider taking up this popular hobby. After renting a few knitting books from the library and buying some lucious yarn, I did not accomplish much! The tantilising yarn kept calling on me to chase and pounce upon it.

During my last trip to Montreal, I had the delight of visiting "Poochey Couture"! Although the marketing seems centered around canine fashion, I did not let this put me off. I am all about breaking down barriers and eliminating stereotypes.
This store has a fantastic array of sizes and styles, in a plethora of colours! There were plenty of fashionable options that flattered my long body and narrow chest. I tried on this "Argyle Hoodie Sweater" right away. I liked the texture so much that I kept it on for the rest of my shopping expedition. Here is the Argyle detail on the back. At $35, this sweater was above my budget, but I could not resist this pointy, tassled hood so I decided to splurge.

There are great toys as well! Here is an Ipod and a passport. I wonder if they have a credit card?
This hot pink "Juicy Couture Scottie Parka" on the left, actually made me drool! I knew I would look amazing in it, but the designer price of $110 was out of my budget.
I am also a frugal consumer, because I only earn a few dollars a week at my mom's flea market booth. Luckily, Poochey Couture has a clearance bin!
This white Terry Towel Hoodie with a regal rhinestone accent was only $11.00! It even has pockets for my important papers.
This "Lovely Heart Fleece Hoodie" was only $12.50! In a size small it covered me perfectly, all the way to my bottom.
Also, the hood has plenty of ear room. I feel just like my idol, the Pink Panther, in this getup!
Nofuratu's Fashion Tip: Do not let your sex determine what colour you wear. Style is all about what suits your body, and complexion. Real men, like myself, CAN wear pink!
I liked the fit and price of this line so much I purchased the "Star Power Fleece Hoodie" as well. It makes me look very sporty, no?
Then I headed to the collar rack to check out the bling. There were so many and I wanted them all! I decided to pick one in a colour that I did not have yet at home. Frugal consumers are all about having the basics.

I chose the sparkly, yet understated "Aviator Collar" for $20. It is my take on the "little black dress" but has some pink to flatter all my rosy outfits.
Mom really wanted me to try some of these speedy looking sneakers! However I reminded her that shoes fare better on dogs than cats. These would definitely upset my balance when I bounce around like "Tigger".
Speaking of "Tigger", this cat was on the Poochey Couture web site modelling the "Puffa Jacket".
However, when I checked out the list of Poochey Couture's models, I saw only dogs! Could there be a need for a cat model? I will get my people to send them my curiculum vitae immediatly and keep you posted!Poochey Couture also sells cakes and treats! All of which are tested on humans first, for pet safety. I picked up a box of "Master Foo Fortune Cookies" for some of my canine friends.
I spotted this "Jellybean Couture Camo Sling Carrier" dangling from the ceiling and had to have it! Since I go on so many adventures it is important to be carried around in a sturdy, yet stylish bag. It has many pockets for my snacks, business cards, leash etc and a handy button fly slit to peek my head out at the side! It is quilted for comfortable travel and even has a safety clip to attach to a harness.
It is a handmade work of art with ribbons to play with when I get bored! $75 is a good deal for a bag I will use a few times a week. How do I look? This handsome bloke, Eric, was my fantastic personal shopper! He was very knowledgeable of the stock and store events. Poochey Couture holds annual parties for Valentines Day, Halloween etc. He was friendly no matter how many times I asked him to reach up high for something, and then changed my mind! My Poochey Couture experience was so delightful I gave them 6 meows out of 5. It was that great! Poochey Couture also sells online for those who can not travel to Montreal, Canada. Their website is http://www.poocheycouture.com/
It is important to say that I did NOT receive any monies or gifts from Poochey Couture to do this review. As an accomplished critic, I prefer to pose as an ordinary consumer so I can do an honest review.
Update: My job application as a Poochey Couture Model has been accepted! Click the link to see me on the "models" page.
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