Halifax Tall Ships Festival - 5 meows

This summer I was fortunate enough to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the Tall Ships Festival! Growing up in the Maritimes has provided a great opportunity to develop my latest hobby: Amateur ship enthusiast!

The first step of nautical expertise is mastering the terminology. In this photo I am at the Port (left) side of the bow (front).
This was a spur of the moment trip, so my people did not have my stroller packed. Daddy had to carry me around every place I wanted to see!

Lucky for me, my Daddy has big strong arms! I love my Daddy!

Many of the ships had intricate figureheads! Usually in the shape of a beast or human female, these forms of bow ornamentation were introduced in the 16th century.
The purpose of a figurehead was to illustrate the ship's name in a non verbal manner, and the immense power of its owner.
Hhhmmmm. Do you see a resemblance?
One of the most thrilling aspects of the Tall Ships Festival is getting to board a ship and take a tour! The Etoile, built in Normandy, France, in 1932 seems like a good choice.
Etoile means "Star" en Francais. Here we are about to storm the ETOILE! AARRGGHH!

Much to my chagrin, the sailors were armed. Although I carry concealed daggers in each toe, I am no match for their rifles. (Sigh). This instance reminds me of my military reenactment attempt at "St. Andrews by the Sea", when my people forgot to pack gun powder.....
Since I am still reeling from my adrenaline induced bravado, let us have a peek over the edge then....hmm....yep....looks wet.
I am almost overcome with an incredible urge to climb these ropes....
This photo makes it look like I DID climb the ropes! Ha Ha! It is just my people looking up at something.
During our adventure I was repeatedly swarmed by the Paparazzi! (The previous night I had my television debut on the Halifax local news.) So everywhere I went during the festival, people would shout out "That's the Cat I saw on T.V!" and crowd around for autographs.
All the attention and excitement was exhausting! I do not know how Hollywood celebrities manage!
The part I love most about meeting fans is getting petted!
Successful celebrities need to be able to multi task. Here I am taking a power nap while mom gives me a fitting for a new smoking jacket.
I like it! .....but how does my butt look?
STOP! Is that what I think it is? Yesss!
FLYING PING PONG BALLS! Brilliant!!! How do I get in?
Stand still daddy! I need to watch the ping pong balls!....Must stay awake....to............wa..t..ch....

zzzz....bouncy.....white...........what............what is on my head?
ARRRGH! My people think they are SO funny! Well, I suppose I do look handsome in it though. It does accentuate my golden eyes and fiery nose hairs....I give the Halifax Tall Ships Festival, and my new hat, 5 meows out of 5!
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© 2010 Aislynne


Harry Spotter said...

You do so many fun things! Don't you get cold when you are out like that? I know I would. How did you get on TV? You are one lucky guy., Have a great weekend!

Daisy said...

Your new hat is COOL! Nofur, you make a great sea-farin' cat. And you are so famous!

cokedw said...

Your so handsome!!! I love you in the hat! I wish we could have gone to see the ships too, maybe next time!

Puddin said...

You are soooo cute!! I love watching all of the adventures that you go on. You're more active then me and I'm human!!! Your blog is so exciting. I love stopping by. More posts pleaseeeee!!