Nofuratu Goes Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a big event for my people. Before the big night we throw a pumpkin carving party and all the guests come in costumes.

Even our dog "Gritts" (an 11 yr old Coonhound/Wolfhound mix) gets dressed up.

Here are my grandparents, Bruno and Connie. She made this superb dress from scratch! She also made my Daddy's costume.....

Here we are together. He is a "Sponge Pocket"! This outfit IS very slimming just like the commercial says.

This is my friend "Biscuit" posing with Daddy. Every Halloween we go "Trick or Treating" but have to drive to each house because we live in the countryside. This Halloween, Biscuit invited me over to his place. He is a city dog and has assured me we will get more treats in less time because city houses are closely situated. I believe him because a dog named Biscuit must know where the treats are!

Now I must find the right costume! I tried on my Devil outfit but it was too small.....

I tried on my Super Cat cape but it was too boring...even if I added an "S" shaped tail.

I considered my Spidey Cat shirt....but worried about being mistaken for a real super hero! Then I might have to save the planet instead of collecting treats.

I put on my Mermaid outfit and even asked my pet fishies what they thought!

H2O, up in the left corner of the photo, thought I would freeze my butt off and my orange fishie, Spot, does not talk much.

I look very handsome in my bumble bee gear! But it is not scary enough...

My turtle costume is warm and even has a pocket in which to store my treats! But turtles move too slowly for trick or treating.....I needed something speedy!

Rabbits are fast! I will wear my "Happy Bunny" costume. For those of you not familiar with "Happy Bunny", he is a grumpy bunny who says mean things.

Sometimes my wrinkles make ME look grumpy so I think I can play the part well. Also, this costume is very warm. Here I am all snug in my stroller and ready to go!

But first I get a warning from Brad about the dangers of speeding, on behalf of the RCMP. I assure him I will not exceed the 40 Km per hour speed limit, while crossing my fingers under my blanket. Off we go!

Some people are a little surprised to see a half naked cat trick or treating...

As usual, I win them over with my charm.

This little girl is no match for my seductive vampire hypnosis!

At a few houses cats were answering the doors! Here are some glowing eyes peering at me.

This cat was so impressed with my costume, he called his people over to come see!

Here is a photo of my trick or treating team.
Thank you for sharing my Halloween adventure with me! I hope you all got lots of treats!

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Nofuratu's Travel Mugs for Charity!

Winter is coming to New Brunswick, Canada. It snowed here yesterday! My people are always coming up with new ways to keep me warm in our drafty old Victorian home. Here is a photo of me with my new hot water bottle! It has a knitted penguin cover! I wish my mom knew how to knit because I would look fabulous in a matching knit penguin turtleneck!
Most naked cats would be thinking about settling down to hibernate with this cold weather. However, my entrepreneurial mind can not stop spinning. Since I raised so much money for "Run for the Cure", I have been wondering about fundraising for homeless animals this winter. As I was drinking my peppermint tea before bed I came up with a brilliant plan!

"Nofuratu" travel mugs! Now my fans can take me everywhere and stay hydrated! (because there is nothing worse than a dehydrated fan!)

Here are the mugs I had my people whip up. In front, is the picture insert flattened out so you can see it properly. It has my motto, "Go Naked!" We made two different mugs. The larger one is more durable and flashy and the smaller one is more thrifty.
Large mug close up. It is made from hard, durable, clear plastic.

It is more expensive, but better quality than the thrifty mug.
The photo insert of me has been laminated to protect from moisture.

50% of profits go to a pet charity!
Cost: $16.00 CDN plus shipping

(Shipping should only be a few dollars. Please email my people with your address for a shipping quote!)
This is a close up of my "Thrifty" mug.
It is smaller with soft, lighter, slightly cloudy plastic.
Made from less expensive material, but still a functional mug.
Photo insert of moi is laminated to protect from moisture.
50% of profits go to a pet charity!
Cost: $10.00 CDN plus shipping
(Shipping should only be a few dollars. Please email my people with your address, for a quote)
Hmmm. Which one was I drinking my tea from?
Answers to some questions you may have:
Where can I get these beautiful mugs? You can purchase them at my booth "The Naked Cat" in Dexter's Flea Market. Or we can ship to you.
How much is shipping and handling? Shipping depends on where you live. My people can give you a quote from Canada post. There is no mark up on shipping and no handling fees. My people use recycled packing materials that cost little or nothing.
Do you accept paypal? Yes
If 50% of profits go to a pet charity, where does the other 50% go? That goes to moi, because I am 50% selfish and spoiled. I spend all my money on clothes, treats, toys, travel accessories and fuzzy blankets and beds. In fact, I am a little bit addicted to this fabulous material called "Microfiber" which is a tad pricey!
How do you manage to be so handsome and smart? Like most felines, I sleep a minimum of 13 hours a day, which covers my beauty sleep and gives me lots of time to solve the mysteries of the universe.
How much money have you raised for pet charities so far? As of today, I have raised $100. My people will be posting updates of my progress weekly.
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Nofuratu raises $200 for Breast Cancer Research!

Although this was my second year participating in this event, it was technically my first OFFICIAL year this October 4th, 2009. (Last year I just tagged along with my humans). This year I registered all by myself and got to wear my own number!
You may be wondering how a naked cat registers for something like this? It is easy. You just need a name, address and human to fill out the forms . I registered under the first name "Nofuratu" and the last name "Thenakedcat".

I raised at total of $200 in pledges! How did I raise so much? My advice is to look cute and ask for real money, not cat treats. Here I am posing with my entry number in my stroller. Because I am so bundled up, it is difficult to see my pink cordoroy coat with faux fur trimmed hood. I decided to travel with my Pink Panther doll for good luck.

Many people tell me I look just like the Pink Panther! I agree we are both very handsome. Sometimes when I am slinking about I hear the Pink Panther theme song. At first I thought it was just playing in my head, but my people say they hear it too! Perhaps I will write to the Pink Panther some day and offer to be his stunt or body double......when I am not so busy with my own adventures.
Speaking of strollers.....this is how I looked in it before we had to travel 5 km in the pouring rain. My people did a fabulous job pinking it up for me.
Pinkaboo! Here is a rear view where you can see a little of my fur trim hood. My vehicle even has a back window so I can make sure I know who is pushing me around. It is also useful for ordering drive through snacks!
Here I am with three of my people as the walk begins. I wanted to run the whole 5km but my people are not as athletic as I, so despite my months of training, we had to walk.
This is us about a kilometer in. If you look way back into the horizon you can see all the heads of the 1700 other participants.
The next 4km took place on a mud path through the woods! We got to appreciate the beautiful autumn leaves and listen to the gurgling stream.
Despite the very bumpy ride, and my people's ridiculously inept driving, I was still able to doze off. If you look closely and concentrate you can see my wrinkled head and left ear snuggling below my pink panther.
These are some gorgeous dogs I had the pleasure of meeting before the run began. It is hard to see me in my stroller because the windshield wipers are not working. Many dogs brought their people to the run this year! Dogs are very good at braving all sorts of bad weather.
Here are two more fashionable dogs I saw at the run. Abby, on the right, looks so happy about the rain she is smiling!
Being the only official naked cat participant, I made it into the paper again! For those of you keeping track, this is my third feature in the Moncton Times and Transcript.

Here is a shot of me with my people. I am not sure how they got their driver's licences, but they were great at helping me on this philanthropic venture! From shortest to tallest is Mackenzie, Michael, Alex, Mom (Aislynne) and Daddy (Brett). You can not really see me because the photographer cut my head off.
I would like to thank everyone who donated pledges and congratulate all the participants and survivors who ran this weekend! I give all of us 5 meows out of 5!
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