Nofuratu Goes Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a big event for my people. Before the big night we throw a pumpkin carving party and all the guests come in costumes.

Even our dog "Gritts" (an 11 yr old Coonhound/Wolfhound mix) gets dressed up.

Here are my grandparents, Bruno and Connie. She made this superb dress from scratch! She also made my Daddy's costume.....

Here we are together. He is a "Sponge Pocket"! This outfit IS very slimming just like the commercial says.

This is my friend "Biscuit" posing with Daddy. Every Halloween we go "Trick or Treating" but have to drive to each house because we live in the countryside. This Halloween, Biscuit invited me over to his place. He is a city dog and has assured me we will get more treats in less time because city houses are closely situated. I believe him because a dog named Biscuit must know where the treats are!

Now I must find the right costume! I tried on my Devil outfit but it was too small.....

I tried on my Super Cat cape but it was too boring...even if I added an "S" shaped tail.

I considered my Spidey Cat shirt....but worried about being mistaken for a real super hero! Then I might have to save the planet instead of collecting treats.

I put on my Mermaid outfit and even asked my pet fishies what they thought!

H2O, up in the left corner of the photo, thought I would freeze my butt off and my orange fishie, Spot, does not talk much.

I look very handsome in my bumble bee gear! But it is not scary enough...

My turtle costume is warm and even has a pocket in which to store my treats! But turtles move too slowly for trick or treating.....I needed something speedy!

Rabbits are fast! I will wear my "Happy Bunny" costume. For those of you not familiar with "Happy Bunny", he is a grumpy bunny who says mean things.

Sometimes my wrinkles make ME look grumpy so I think I can play the part well. Also, this costume is very warm. Here I am all snug in my stroller and ready to go!

But first I get a warning from Brad about the dangers of speeding, on behalf of the RCMP. I assure him I will not exceed the 40 Km per hour speed limit, while crossing my fingers under my blanket. Off we go!

Some people are a little surprised to see a half naked cat trick or treating...

As usual, I win them over with my charm.

This little girl is no match for my seductive vampire hypnosis!

At a few houses cats were answering the doors! Here are some glowing eyes peering at me.

This cat was so impressed with my costume, he called his people over to come see!

Here is a photo of my trick or treating team.
Thank you for sharing my Halloween adventure with me! I hope you all got lots of treats!

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© 2009 Aislynne


The Paw Relations said...

Wow, you actually go to go trick or treating? We got shut in, no fiar. We loved your costumes!

Daisy said...

Nofur, you sure have lots of fancy and wonderful costumes!

Willy C Wuddle said...

Always glad to read obout the adventures and see the pics of my favourite furball.

Willy C Wuddle said...

I'm back again. In one of the pics he looks like a unicorn, but being a naked cat, he's probably a uniPORN.

Harry Spotter said...

You are my hero. You go everywhere. I get cold just looking out my window. The clothes you have are amazing. You have an outfit for each outing. Next trick and treat day I am asking my mom and dad to take me out, maybe I will get some tasty treat. Stay warm and I hope you post more often. Have a restful Sunday.

ML said...

Wow, what an array of costumes.
But you's adorable just tha way you are... your header photo is amazing.
Mommy is squeeing and kissing your toes.
Love & Purrs,

Nofuratu said...

Thank you everyone! I wish I could share my treats with you all, but I ate them back in October.....that header photo on all my blogs was taken the day my parents got me! I was sitting with mom during the super long drive from Boston in the US to New Brunswick, Canada.

ARMorr said...

That's a great adventure Nofurrrr!!

Lila was dressed up as Luke Skywalker 'cause her Chewbacca outfitt was at the cleaners!


Tabitha said...

Loved all your costumes!!