CA-R-MA "Cat Walk" Fundraiser

This September Vladimir and I participated in Moncton's third annual CA-R-MA Cat Walk! Cat Rescue Maritimes is a registered charity that traps, neuters and nurses homeless feral cats. This is "Pebbles", a volunteer cat who not only organised the event, but also won first place for securing $640 in pledges! Incredible! All three of us were featured on the local news that evening. It was obvious from chatting with Pebbles, that she had killer managerial and business skills. She also had good taste in vehicles!Of course you are probably curious about an imperative detail of the marathon... What were we wearing? Vladimir borrowed my red "Roots" hoodie, kindly given to me by a fan, over a nylon "Canada" tank. He is so enthusiastic about becoming a Canadian he has been wearing it all summer. It is starting to smell.
I wore my new "Team Azrael" T shirt that Daddy made. I am secretly hoping to catch some smurfs during the walk and brought my salt shaker, just in case.Here are some dogs that came out to support the cause! Above is "Mocha" and below is "Bailey". They had great smiles for my photographer.Here we go! We opted to line up in the rear, so the less athletic would have a better chance against us.Although I am highly skilled at leash walking, I was concerned about working up a sweat and losing my grip.So Mom found me some perfect cat sized sweatbands! Here I am rounding a corner in the lead position! To maintain speed by reducing drag, I keep my ears in an aerodynamic pose.
While I power through the first quarter, Vladimir decides to take a nap! Vlad is not accustomed to a leash so he drove the stroller.Look Vlad, these cats are in a stroller too.Oh Noes!! That Vente Soy Latte and power bar I had for breakfast seem to be causing me some trouble!I needed to make an emergency bathroom pit stop in the middle of the race....was it the Starbucks or the energy bar that caused this intestinal setback?? I may sue..
Drats! Now I am in last place!Might as well slow down and enjoy a leisurely walk!Daddy decided to come to my rescue...
and puts me in the stroller with Vlad, but we are too late!Oh well! There is always shopping instead! Global Pet Foods was there with an assortment of toys.
Vlad found a bag of catnip fish and began rolling uncontrollably in it. He resembled a toddler thrashing on the ground demanding a toy!....How embarrassing! The Global Pet food lady gave him a free one and then he behaved himself. Smart boy!
We even met another Sphynx after the walk! This is Louie. He is a beautiful, friendly, large boy, even bigger than Vladimir!
This is Max, a gorgeous red head like myself.
Vlad decided to try out some more playthings while I schmoozed with the other participants.
We won 2nd place for raising $301 in pledges and got a fabulous prize!
Here it is: "The Vista 150 Almond!" A special type of luxury box, just for cats.
For some strange reason, the "Vista 150 Almond" was stuffed with a bunch of communications gear...
The purpose of all that stuffing must have been to ensure the "Vista 150 Almond" held its shape during transport. But it only took seconds to dump out...and then we could start enjoying our prize! I discovered it is PERFECT for sitting IN...

and Vlad determined it was GREAT for sitting UPON! He also realised it was great for GNAWING ON...
and HOLDING important things...

and it can even KEEP YOU COMPANY while napping!The "Vista 150 Almond" has so many applications! I do not know how we managed without one for so long. What a fabulous prize!!! All right Vlad, it is my turn with the box now...you are hogging it!
Vladimir and I give CA-R-MA and their fundraising walk 5 meows out of 5. It was wonderful to help less fortunate kitties, exercise in the park on a sunny day and meet new friends.
We would also like to thank everyone that helped us with pledges! You are all welcome to come over and play with our "Vista 150 Almond" prize box with us. We could not have done it without you! I wonder what we will win next year?
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