Spongebob Naked Pants at Alma Beach - 4 Meows

Our purpose for travelling to Alma Beach was to do a review on their infamous "Sticky Bun Shop". Alas, we arrived too late in the evening and they were closed! Fortunately, Alma is located on the "Bay of Fundy", another mind boggling attraction, almost as deliciously gooey as sticky buns!
According to the Canadian Tourism board, Fundy Bay has 50 foot tides, the highest in the world! At the time of our visit, it happened to be low tide....so all was not lost! Although we still had grumbling stomachs, my professional adventure cat skills saved the day. I decided to teach my people about surviving off the local flora and fauna. Low tide is really like a smorgasbord of flavor, if you know what to look for. Just to be clear, Daddy does not know what to look for. Step aside Daddy and let the professional handle this. There are many befuddling aspects to hunting that I will need to explain to you. Look! Ten feet down at two O'clock!

Mmm! Crab meat! (Not to be confused with human crabs, "Pthiris Pubis".) Looks succulent and it is already perfectly salted!
Scallops are very tasty! They have two edible muscles inside, but most westerners eat just the "adductor" muscle. In hungrier, less wasteful parts of the world, the other "Roe" is also eaten.
Muscles! Another delicious treat!
Again, not to be confused with human muscles...
Oooh! this one comes in a pretty blue!
However, nothing beats a rare, deep blue piece of beach glass!

Beach glass is not at all good for looking with though, unlike Alice in Wonderland's "Looking Glass".
Right, back to snacking! I have all I require as a carnivore, but my people are omnivores so they need vegetables. We need to find some Dulse! Nicknamed "The Salad of the Sea", this red plant is loaded with B vitamins, Potassium, Iron and Fluoride.
Um...No....not red, or plant like. Those are barnacles, only tasty to sea birds and colorblind imbeciles

....um...no..... again. We are looking for a RED seaweed people! This is clearly BROWN Rockweed, either Ascophyllum nodosum, a.k.a "Knotted Wrack" or the Fucus spp. "Bladder Wrack".....unimportant unless you need garden fertilizer or mulch.
How do these people get their pants on in the morning? Sniff...sniff. This is Chondrus crispus, or "Irish Moss", a popular food and thickening product! It will have to suffice as our Dulse substitute, since the tide is beginning to come back in!

Everyone is happy with full tummies! Good thing we all wore our hoodies. It is chilly by the ocean!
Fundy bay is not just about healthy snacks. The flotsam and jetsam also provide plenty of intrigue. Do you think this fantastic scratching post will fit in our hatchback?
Apparently not. I will have to leave it for some other adventure cat to enjoy. Oooh! fresh litter! Please excuse me for a moment...
There you have it. Our local Bay of Fundy at Alma Beach! I give it 4 Meows out of 5, simply due to sticky bun shop closure.
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