Cat in a Hat goes "Secret Santa" Shopping

Many of you follow this blog for my fashion expertise, so I feel obligated to tell you all about this season's latest fashion trend, the hat. Whether you call it a "Chapeau" or a "Touque", this winter, it is all about framing your face with headgear. Cat in the Hood. This super soft crocheted hood is so comfortable I doze off whenever I wear it! It was created with love by my artistic friend "Kerstin Wilson".

This "Trapper Hat" was sent to me by my Sphynx Lair chums "Tux and Twitch". They also gave me the convincing Santa disquise I wear at the top of the page!
"Tux" and "Twitch" totally know how to rock costumes! Here they are perfectly coiffed for a Halloween Ball!
Some of you may be familiar with the web forum "Sphynx Lair" of which I am a member. This is where I chat with other Sphynx enthusiasts around the world! We share photos, stories, and advice about the Sphynx breed and every Christmas we exchange "Secret Santa" gifts!
Last week I took my camera crew along on my "Secret Santa" shopping expedition. Mmm..."Hello Kitty" Popcorn...lets snack on this while we peruse the aisles!

Oooh! Festive lipstick! Tempting, but I do not know if my secret pal has a "Fall" or "Winter" complexion. Better be safe and just buy this for myself instead.
Oooh! An Oprah's book club selection! I love this "National Book Award" winning author ....but what if my secret Santa is just a kitten who can not read great works of literature yet? Just put one copy in the cart for me then...
Sniff...Sniff....Well minty breath is important, especially if you get caught under the mistletoe.
My people think it would be less complicated if I stuck to the Pet Department. Some people can not think outside the box! Now this "Lunch Pail" looks promising...

Never shop on an empty stomach! Pass me some of that "Hello Kitty" Popcorn people...I am working up an appetite here!
Brilliant! A desk top Sushi Bar with a drinking fountain on top! Unfortunately, this is slightly beyond my budget. Sphynxlair Santas may only spend up to $30.
Budgerigars smell delicious! I wonder if my Friend likes game? I bet the green ones taste like key lime.
Woo HOO! My favorite design of Jingle Balls packaged in bulk!!! These are very noisy and are easy to carry around in your mouth. Put them all in my cart please....What do you mean "Maybe Santa will bring me some?" I AM SANTA! Now put those opposable thumbs to work!
Well look at that! An assortment of toys in a delightful fish bag. Perfect!

Charge it to my account please.

This is what I decided to send my Secret Santa: A super soft blanket, one of my Nofuratu "Go Naked" Travel mugs, a bow tie turtle neck, a pointy hat and a sack of toys.
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