New Orleans Renaissance Arts Hotel and Bayou Boogalou

During my recent visit to the Big Easy, I spent three pampered days at the Renaissance Arts Hotel. Located on Tchoupitoulas street in the Arts district beside the French quarter, this place even sports a rooftop pool! Although the staff are friendly and accommodating, there is a "no pet" policy. However, service animals and certified therapy pets, such as myself, are welcome.
The lobby boasts three glorious Dale Chihuly chandeliers that inspire visions of Mardi Gras.  For more Dale Chihuly art click here.
But what really impressed me were the fabulous windows!
For sunbathing....
...or regular bathing. The chairs are upholstered with a smooth fabric, perfect for lounging and sucking on your tail. And, if you fall off mid slumber, the carpets are well padded to prevent injury. The 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, with duck down duvet, mattress topper and pillows were a big hit with me! For only $1500 USD you can buy the set, including the mattress and box spring! And there is a blueberry cheesecake from the hotel restaurant that will knock your socks off, if you wear them.Hold all my calls. One of the best things about N'awlins are all the Festivals! The Mid City Bayou Boogaloo, founded after the hurricane Katrina disaster, is a delight of music, food and art.
Here I am being greeted by a fellow red head! Only 1-2% of the human population carry the two necessary copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16.
There were lots of booths at the festival featuring wearable local art. How do I look? Mr. Joshua Lee gave me some photography tips when I visited his picture booth.
Daddy bought me some catfish beads to wear at the Boogaloo so I would look like a local. I think I should have gotten two more strands because I have 6 nipples. This is P.T (Pigeon Toe) a gorgeous bloodhound I met while listening to a blues band. First I got a picture of P.T with his daddy, and then I asked P.T for an interview. Apparently naked cats trigger the prey drive in some hounds, or maybe he found my questions offensive, because right after this shot he tried to eat my face! After that I made Daddy carry me for while.
Danger works up the appetite! I shared some stuffed, deep fried mushrooms and crab cakes with my crew. Delicious.

Then I posed for pictures with some new fans... ...and checked out the pet refreshment tent. I was hoping for some Abita Turbodog? They had no local beer, but I did get a bandanna..and a chance to win a rubber ducky! The day ended with me watching for real ducks on the historic Bayou St.John. I give New Orleans' Renaissance Hotel and Bayou Boogaloo both 5 meows out of 5. Tasty food, funky music, friendly people and clean sheets. Nothing better than that!
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