I am Canadian! -Moncton Canada Day Fireworks -5 Meows

Technically, I have dual citizenship because I was born in Iowa, USA. However, I have lived in Canada since I was four months old and my breed, the Sphynx, is also Canadian.Here is an example of the Canadian Flag, from ear to shining ear! The red sections on either end represent the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Our national emblem, the maple leaf, has been associated with Canada since the 1700's.
Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of July 1st, 1867, when the British North America Act united the colonies, as provinces under the "Dominion of Canada". What does a naked cat do to celebrate Canada Day? I do the same as other Canadians....dress in patriotic colors and blow stuff up! Here I am checking the fuses for daddy. That is all I am legally permitted to assist with until I turn 18.
To make it more official, Daddy bought me this T shirt. It says "Daddy's little sparkler". I especially like the ruffled sleeves.
Usually Canadians gather in their backyards, or local parks to watch Canada Day fireworks. Every year we go to Moncton's Riverfront Park on the Petitcodiac river. This will be my THIRD year in attendance!
The long walkways and rolling hills give me a chance to show off my new stroller! My Fairy Grandmother bought it for me at "HomeSense". I used to make long trips in a human baby stroller, but this new pet one has a bug screen!
Here I am checking for fireworks, nope, none yet! While we wait for it to get dark enough, we enjoy the festivities put on by the city, such as music, rides and snacks.
On the way to the nacho stand, I stop to sign some autographs! My stroller is also a convertible, which permits true intimacy with my fans.

Right, back to the nachos people! We have a long day and night ahead. I need sustenance.
With a full belly, I am ready to party like a true Canadian.
OOOoooh! Balloon Animals! Fascinating! So much contorting, squeaking and then....
.....VOILA! A balloon Wiener dog!!! Hmmm, I could destroy you with the swipe of a single claw. This sense of power of is intoxicating!
Next I visited the tattoo station! I requested a maple leaf on my rear, but the tattoo artist, obviously unfamiliar with Sphynx anatomy, erroneously deposited it upon my head.
Thinking of my stomach again, I checked the water in the hopes of some good fishing!
However the tide was out and I did not want to go clam digging without my rubber booties.
Here is Daddy helping me put on my leash and harness so I can do some walking. Strollering is fun, but does not burn cheesy nacho calories like a good brisk walk!
I found a fantastic cedar scented litter box! These city park designers think of everything!
OOooh!!! A skateboard park!! Awesome!
Quick! Let me in my stroller! I need to show these people my radical, naked "Half Pipes"! Dudes, lets go!
Alright, there is such a thing as too much assistance! You may want to wash that finger later sir. (We really need to practice more with this pit crew!)
Drat! No helmet. No half pipes. Dudes forgot to pack my helmet! Must I constantly remind these people that I am a professional adventurecat! How can I do all my own stunts without the proper attire?
It is SO hard to find good people nowadays!
Here is the field where the fire department will be setting off the fireworks!
My people and I go searching for the perfect seat with the best skyline panorama.
This is the ideal parking spot! We have a view of the water, and I can watch the billowing flag!
...which is quite hypnotising. I am beginning to feel somnolent.
Perhaps just a quick snooze before the show starts. I want to be properly refreshed in time for the bursting flowers of flame!
Wooo Hoooo!! I hope you can see the fireworks over my head and mountainous ears!
I argued these shots were of too poor quality for my blog, but mom wanted to show that I really watch the fireworks.
Of course I watch the fireworks! How can my fans take my reporting skills seriously, if I do not see what I am reporting upon?
I will admit to seeing colour differently than humans though. Cats' retinas contain 80% rods, which show us black and white, and 20% cones, which show colour. Today's science suggests I can see blues, greens and yellows but not reds.
I CAN tell you that when this photo was taken, Mikey and I could clearly see the backs of our eyelids! Canada Day celebrations are exhausting even for professional reporter/adventurecats like myself!
Regardless of my ability to see red, I give Moncton's Canada Day Festivities 5 meows out of 5. Happy Canada Day everyone!
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© 2010 Aislynne


The Paw Relations said...

Wow! Certainly looks like a great time was had by all!

susi 794 said...

Nofuratu, you are one lucky boy! My cats are jealous of all your adventures! But we follow your blog and give it 5 out of 5 meows! Keep 'em coming!
Susi and the Gang

Daisy said...

Thanks for teaching us all about Canada day, Nofur! It looks like you had a wonderful day. Too bad they forgot to pack your helmet; it would be cool to see you do tricks in your stroller!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Wow, you are a Sparkler, furr sure! We especially liked the photo of your ears with the fireworks glow showing off their outline!

Did you see Disco's 4th of July shirt? It will make you snort!


Harry Spotter said...

YOu had quite the day. Loved the maple leaf on your head. It looked perfect. The stroller is a rave, we would love one. You have quite a fun and adventerous life in canada. Your daddy's little sparker shirt is cute but many. Glad you had such a great time. Have a fun weekend.

Marlene and Pedda said...

Looks like you've been busy lately. I think I'd be scared of fireworks.

dreaming in colour said...

Nofur, I always look forward to reading of your travels and activities. I am glad you enjoyed the fireworks. Canada Day just frightens my two naked kitties. I think I will have to have them read your post so they can see that fireworks do not eat kitties.

Sybil said...

A friend just sent me a link to your Blog.

I have an identical Sphynx named Roswell (6 years old). I can't let Roswell see your Blog as he'd be so jealous of Nofuratu's adventures.

Roswell lives with five dogs and two other cats in Eastern Passage, NS.

Wonderful photos on your Blog !

Willy C Wuddle said...

Hey Nofur, are you any relation to Kitty Galore? If so can you get me free tickets to the Cats And Dogs movie?

ARMorr said...

R U on Twitter?