Dove House Bed and Breakfast

On one of my various important business trips last year, I had the pleasure of spending the night in Sydney, Nova Scotia! Since it was winter, I was able to take in some ice fishing en route. The most arduous part of "sleep over" trips is finding an establishment that accepts felines.
Often, we are asked if I will be confined to a cage during my stay! A cage?! While I curse and mumble about how I will fit my laptop and charge my Ipod in a cage, my people are dialing the next listing in the phonebook. Dove House Bed and Breakfast, we were delighted to discover, welcomes feline travellers! There was no mention of a cage and they had free wireless Internet for my laptop!
Located in North Sydney, at 108 Queen st, just across the street from the water, they are the best place to stay if you have to take the ferry to Newfoundland.
I chose their cozy "First Mate" room on the ground floor.
I liked this room because of the HUGE window!and also because of the sparkly chandelier! Its position over the firm, yet springy bed helped me reach for those tantalizing, shiny orbs!I LOVED the texture of this quilted micro-velvet duvet!
and I found the matching nautical chair to be very fashionable. The bed does not look its best in these photos because I had been bouncing...er testing it... beforehand.
Here I am strutting along the window seat.
It was so wide I could even eat my snacks upon it!
Check out the shine on the night table! This B&B was impeccable, the cleanest place I have ever set a paw in. This is the bathroom where I took my bubble bath before bedtime. It also had a handy window seat for me to rest on while waiting for the tub to fill. Upstairs is a lovely parlour where you can sit and relax or watch television. I was very fond of the oriental rug. Its muted colours provided great camouflage.

The fireplace made everything especially cozy....and the carpet smells good! Here I am checking out the mini bar! The reason for such a spotless, orderly home may be because one of the owners is also feline! Everyone knows how clean and tidy cats like their environment to be.

My favorite part of Dove House was their delicious breakfast! They even provided me with a fork....how civilised!
Step away from my breakfast Daddy.......I do not care if you are also the camera man. My bacon does not need a close up any more than your face needs a claw in it! So with their savory breakfast, spotless rooms, elegant decor, convenient location, reasonable rates... and abundance of windows.....I give Dove House 5 meows out of 5!
If you would like more information about Dove House, click the red title at the top of this page to visit their website. Or phone 1-902-794-1947. It is important to say I did NOT receive any monies or discounts from Dove House. As an accomplished critic, I prefer to pose as an ordinary consumer so I can do an honest review.
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Daisy said...

What a pretty place you got to stay in, Nofur! And any place that allows cats must be good.

The Paw Relations said...

It sounds like an excellent place to spend some time.

Anonymous said...

That's a swell palce to stay, especially with the bacon!

dreaming in colour said...

Looks like a lovely place to stay! I would love to stay there and I think my Sphynx would enjoy it as well!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, we are a little behind in visiting but just loved seeing the photos of your 'vacation' and relaxing B & B stay! Our mewmmie is thinking of staying at one at the ocean that accepts pets, and lucky cat, Brighton, would get to go cuz mewmmie says last time she went away, he got stressed and had a urinary blockage...

Kitsy and Tito said...

We love your adventures. You travel to such interesting places. Your blog is one of our favorites.

Dinka said...

Great review Noforatu. You looked so cozy amongst the snowy background. BBBRRRR. I am glad I live in Texas. Dinka the Spoiled Sphynx

Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

Hi! It's Angie from Catladyland and Katt Food. I saw you on Daisy's blog and wanted to stop by and say hello :) What a pretty kitty you are and what a fancy place you got to stay!

Looking forward to following your blog -- stop by my blogs and say hi!

Katt Food: