NBAAC Sussex Giant Flea Market - 0 Meows

This was going to be a page about my trip to the Annual Sussex Flea Market, which is put on by the New Brunswick Antique Auto Club (NBAAC). I was going to post some shots of me shopping for a new birdhouse and admiring the antiques and folk art.

Here is the NBAAC Sussex Flea Market Web Site
http://www.nbaac.org/fleamarket.htm . You may notice it says No dogs with the exception of those working for the disabled.
(After my complaint, they changed their website)

Unfortunately I was not permitted to enter!

Here I am outside the ticket booth with daddy. We actually paid and got in. I was inside my travel bag under mom's arm, but when my ears poked out of my hoodie the security guard came running and asked me to leave even though I told him I was not a dog. I was also wearing a shirt labelled "Security" so maybe they felt threatened...
My people asked for a manager, or a person to call to sort out this case of mistaken identity. Once we established that I was indeed a cat, and not a dog, we were told "No PETS are allowed to enter".
My people and I tried explaining that I was not a pet! I am a serious adventure cat who reports on local tourism! It may sound crazy, but this is my job. I have my own blog! I just reviewed Peggy's cove! I work at a flea market! I earn good money! I was featured in the "Times and Transcript"!
We were referred to the supervisor of security who did not seem impressed with my credentials. We asked if she would like to see my web site? She did not want to. She did tell us "You are definitely not allowed in with the cat" and "You people top the list of all the people I've spoken to today". I do not think that was meant to be a compliment.
So that is all I have to report about the Annual Sussex Flea Market put on by the NBAAC. Their ticket booths are green. Their security is tight.
They get a whopping 0 Meows out of 5.
Upon returning to my humble abode I had my people write a letter on my behalf, to the NBAAC via email (or peemail for some of you). If you are interested I posted a copy of said letter below:
Hi there, I report on tourist attractions and was refused entry into the Sussex flea market. I would like to lodge a formal complaint. Here is my web log on which I post my ratings of various functions, restaurants and sights. http://www.nofuratu.blogspot.com/ . You may think this is some kind of a joke. I assure you I am quite serious and disappointed with my treatment. I currently work at Carson's flea market in Moncton every Sunday, have paid for a booth at Magnetic Hill flea market for the last 4 years and have been asked over and over by my fans if I will get a booth at the Sussex Flea Market. With this in mind I had my people drive me there today to check out the set up and post a review of my findings on my web site. I did exactly that.
Thank you for your time,

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bubble7425 said...

As an employee of the security company at the Sussex Flea Market, I would like to take this opportunity extend our appreciation for your compliment on our exemplary service. We do strive for excellence and it's gratifying to know that others are able to acknowledge that.

Nofuratu said...

Thank you for your interesting comment! I would like to add that a representative of the NBAAC responded to my concerns quickly with a sincere apology. Since I am a member of the media I was told the security guards should have contacted her at the NBAAC booth. Instead, we were repeatedly told by security that they did not know how to contact anyone who was in charge, or part of the NBAAC to explain our situation. So thank you to the NBAAC for the apology. To the Sussex Flea market security employee who just commented on their service.....sure....it was exemplary...they did an exemplary job of enforcing the rules without thinking. The NBAAC rep said if any of the 5 guards we spoke with, including the head of security, had walked to the NBAAC booth and ASKED, I would have been allowed to enter.

Anonymous said...

I thought that I had seen some strange things......and then this....WOW!!!!! This takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

As a customer of the NBACC Sussex Flea Market for the last 7 years, I thank the Security staff for keeping you Nofuratu a "CAT" safe; as the Flea Market is not a safe place for animals of anykind.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out how a CAT can report on anything. On what planet do you live? Because everytime I ask my cat what he thinks, he just goes to his litter box and .......well we won't go there.

Nofuratu said...

Dear Anonymous, the NBAAC Sussex flea market MUST be a safe place for animals, because vendors are permitted to bring their pets and camp overnight! I am sure the security personell DO keep the animals and people there very safe. Your comment: "Flea Markets are not safe for animals of any kind" seems strange to me. I have been working safely at flea markets for 2 years now without incident. I also have some fellow canine and avian vendors who feel quite safe working at flea markets.

Nofuratu said...

Dear Anon, Your remarks of astonishment by my feline reporting skills are one of the many reasons I have started blogging about the importance of reading. There are many examples of literature written from a cat’s point of view, and other animals! You may want to start with children’s stories, unless your pet cat is a mature reader. Then these adult books may appeal - the Hugo award winner “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, Richard Adams’ “Watership Down”, “Mrs. Chippy’s Last Expedition” The journal of Shackleton’s cat who joined his Antarctic expedition. I recommend consulting your local librarian for stories using Anthropomorphic Personification and Animalism. These are considered to be great literary devices! Also thank you for numerous comments on my blogs. You are officially my first heckler! Now I know I am a true celebrity.

cokedw said...

It's been a few years since I've been to the Sussex Flea Market, but if 'the market is not a safe place for animals of anykind.' that must mean baby's and small children arn't allowed either? It's just not safe! Children will not only pick up, knock over and destroy anything in their path(not on purpose of course!), but they put anything small enough into their mouths....what can it be more dangerous?

Anonymous said...

As a concerned Flea Market customer,I heard of you Nofuratu and I had to check you out. I am actually planning a trip to Moncton to meet you, I am hopeing to be there in a couple of weeks. Just a couple of comments, I have to say that I agree to the fact that the Flea Market is not the place to take your beloved pets. The weather and the enviroment is not the best. I have a 9 pound Pug and I would never venture to take her to a place like that. It would be unfair to her. I take her to a very trusted "dog sitter" where she is well taken care of and quite comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love the Flea Market, but she is much happier with her sitter. I know that the vendors are allowed to take there pets to the market and camp for the weekend; however their pets of anykind must be kept on their lots (not real big) between the hours of 8am and 8pm daily. As far as small children...some adults are no better, and if as a parent a person is not able to watch their children close enough to make sure that they are safe, then maybe the flea market is not the place to visit with them. I realize that kids can get into mischief quit quickly, but that is where responsible parenting comes into play. I look forward to meeting you Nofuratu!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the baloons aren't the only things in Sussex full of hot air.

Jamie said...

I agree with the person who stated that if the market is not safe for pets/animals than surely it is not safe for children/babies.

Also, Nofur is a celebrity who has generated much tourism for all the places he has visited. He has a strong hold on the public in the maritimes and brings much generated publicity from his Blog. I have learned about many attractions by reading his Blog. Nofur even supports local authors! He has given much support to these provinces and we should be thanking him not dissing him.

Many people are being very rude about this situation. Why can't we just say it was an error on the NBAAC for not specifically saying, "No Pets/Animals" as oppose to "No Dogs". There is no need to be ignorant about the situation.

By being rude it just sheds light to what the real issue is. It's definitely not Nofur, but the people. Also, did we not all read Lord of Flies in grade school? Can you see the parallel between people being given a glimpse of power and how they choose to use it.

Philene Severa said...

I like how the negative, rude comments are posted by "anonymous." If you believe you have a valid point and want to render your opinion then OWN it. Put your name down, cowards. Honestly, I think some people are just miserable & mean & look to be offended by anything and everything.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a Flea Market customer but i have gone to a couple in my life in different provinces and much larger cities. One of the fun things about them is the diversity/creativity of selection in one location. After reading these arguments, well I'm not usually a commenter but I think this might be the time to start. Why is this even a topic, seriously...from what I'm reading, is the security company is right out to lunch or am I miss reading? Why pass judgment on something a little different then what they are used to...why panic. I'm not sure a hairless cat was going to be the cause of a catastrophe and if it's a pet issue then why nobody else had to deal with it who had pets. This is totally nuts, ignorance isn't usually a cool thing ya know.. ;(