Road Trippin

I am a very busy cat. I live in the country, but I get my people to drive me to town regularly for work, shopping, volunteering or visiting friends.

Make a left up here daddy.... No, your other left..... If you are not going to listen to my directions then forget it! Sometimes I try to drive the friggin car myself!
Sometimes I like to use my "orthotic travel neck pillow". It stops me from getting a crick in my neck and makes the ride less bumpy.
This is what happens when I forget my neck pillow.
Sometimes I like to cuddle while driving..... Other times when I am annoyed, I sit in my faux alligator, patent leather travel bag, and stare at the driver like this.Sometimes I sleep wrapped around Mom's neck

But when we hit a big bump I slither down mom's back and end up upside down, like this. I discovered this was really comfy so I slept in this position all the way home!

Here is another angle so you can really see where I am coming from! This photo was taken before I was neutered.
Here I am in the back window of the car, snoozing. This is a great way to travel AND work on your tan!

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Savannah Mommy said...

Those pictures are amazing :) Looks like he really enjoys the ride.