Vampire Christmas at the Cat Show

This Christmas I posed for a photo shoot with the talented Danielle Bourque! I am concentrating very hard in this photo, because believing in Santa is serious business!

Here is a photo of another serious believer, my friend "Hibou"! You may recognize him from my previous blog on the Chickadee cat show, where we first met.

I also entered my THIRD cat show! This number may surprise you since my last blog was about my FIRST cat show. It is not a typo. I type with a high degree of accuracy. I decided to blog about my second cat show later, so this Christmas blog would have an appropriate theme.

On November 27th, 28th and 29th, 2009, Club Felin de Montreal put on three shows entitled "Le Noel des chats". That is "Christmas of the Cats" to my non francophone fans. Since this show was three days long, with 4 different judges each day, I would have at least 12 opportunities to win ribbons! Montreal is a 10 hour drive from my home in New Brunswick! Here I am taking in the sights. I am also very excited about doing some shopping! Are we there yet? For more images of me driving, check out my "Road Trippin" blog. There was a contest for "Best Decorated Cage" with a Christmas theme. It was difficult to decide on a Christmas theme that would work with my elaborate "coffin cage". We decided on a "Vampire Christmas" display. Here I am snoozing on my pillow in front of the fire place!

Here I am wearing my Santa hat! My coffin is decorated for Christmas and I have a tree with blood red ornaments. My framed photo of "Nosfuratu" is on the wall and outside the window is a Vampire Snowman! My fireplace mantle has a bust of "Bella Lugosi" the king of Vampire actors, and stockings filled with sunglasses, sunblock, teeth whitener and a bottle of "true blood" in case I get hungry! On the far left is one of my ribbons!

Here I am accepting my "Best Decorated Cage" Award! The results were a tie! Both winners received a $50 gift card to spend at the show!Daddy, sporting my "Go Naked" T shirt, is laughing with the lady because I am actually speaking into the microphone! We Sphynx cats are very vocal!

This creative kitten tied with me for "Best Decorated Cage"!
Here is the cage. C'est tres Chic n'est pas? There are even reindeer on the roof!....and Christmas wallpaper and carpet inside!

This is what I purchased with my award money! A round paw print bed with washable cover, a fleecy "snuggle sack" with cat fabric, a dancing dragonfly toy (which I am staring at), a beaded string dancing toy and cat nip treats for my brother "Vampir" back at home.

This is a photo of Vampir and I snuggling in a basket at home.
Here I am demonstrating how to properly use my new "snuggle sack" back at the hotel, in between shows.

This fantastic cage earned an honorable mention!
This is a beautiful Sphynx kitten I met. There were quite a few Sphynx cats competing in this show, but not in my category.
Cats are not judged according to who is prettier. Each cat is judged against its own breed standard. That means I am compared to what a perfect Sphynx should look like, and a Siamese is compared to what an ideal Siamese looks like, etc. Here I am being judged in one of the rings. A cat's personality/temperament is not supposed to be judged. However, I think some judges were offended by my hissing, spitting and yowling in ALL TWELVE RINGS! (Even though I kept my teeth and claws to myself) I placed in the top ten in only two rings. I won a 5th place and 10th place ribbon.

I did enjoy trying out these fantastic "Cloud Nine" Cat trees! I wanted to take this home but it cost $500. That is like my $50 winnings, but with an extra zero.
Here are some pretty kitties enjoying a nap in their cage. They look fuzzy and warm!
Time for well earned nap! I give "Le Noel des Chats" 5 meows out of five! There were lots of opportunities to win ribbons and fantastic cage decorations. I loved seeing other Sphynx cats and of course meeting new fans! Regardless of what ribbons I did or did not win, l know I am dashingly handsome, because my mommy says so!
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My Debut at the Chickadee Cat Club Cat Show

So many of my fans sing to me of my beauty! I agree that I am also quite handsome. You may be surprised to hear that just as many people tell me, how ugly I am! I just dismiss them with a dirty look and a yawn and go back to napping. However, my mom, also a red head, gets upset when people are not tactful about expressing their abhorrence. In fact, just last week, a couple closely examined me and scrunched up their faces. Then the man asked mom "How do you keep something so ugly?" When she responded with "maybe you should ask your wife that!" I tried to calm her down by explaining it was clearly another case of bad vision and poor taste.
I thought a beauty pageant win might improve my image, but they do not accept feline applicants, so I tried the next best thing: A Cat Show!! On June 9th, 2009 I put on my game face and attended the Chickadee Cat Club's 2nd Annual Cat show in Frederiction, NB.
Although I am a purebred Sphynx, my people did not submit my paperwork in time, so I entered the show as a household pet. Many of you may be unaware that you can enter a cat show and win lots of ribbons even if you do not have a pedigree! Household pets are a vital part of cat shows and showing can be fun! You must be spayed/neutered but not declawed and are judged on condition, health, colour markings and temperament. For more information visit the CCA/AFC or TICA web sites.

Cat shows usually have a competition for the best decorated cage. You can use cages provided at the show or bring your own as long as itt meets certain specifications. This lovely pink creation was made by a young girl and received an honourable mention!

Since I am named after the vampire "Nosfuratu" a coffin seemed most appropriate. My people just happened to have the end 1/3 section of a human coffin lying around the house. (Long story to be explained in a later blog). With a few minor modifications and a lot of hot glue ...
My people were able to whip up this bad boy! It stays open when I use it and the lid closes for easy storage or transport. Since rules state the cage must be easy to open in the front but also securely hold a cat, we attached clear vinyl to the opening with velcro!
We cut air "holes" in the shape of claw slashes and lined the inside of my coffin with soft red velvet.
It even has a chandelier with working lights and a framed photo of "Nosfuratu". Cages must be equipped with a sleeping area, litter and food and water. This photo shows my black velvet pillow and blanket beside my litter box, labeled "Transylvanian Dirt". Hanging on the wall above are some more pictures and my food and water bowls. We even put a skull and crossbones decal on the lid! For the table backdrop, mom painted a graveyard scene with a creepy tree and added a raven prop.
In this picture you can see the full setup, with me sitting on my cushion outside my cage. These children had their faces painted and posed with me!

Here is a close up of me napping at my booth with my "Best Decorated Cage" ribbon!
The crowds started to get big at my booth! I love meeting new fans!

Here is another beautifully decorated cage! Notice how the colors of the fabric match the cat?
Here is a closeup of her. Is she not stunning!? She won lots of ribbons! I think I may be in love...
These two lovely boys, Oliver and Hibou, were my neighbors at the show. We all got along famously perhaps because we are the same colour.
Here is Hibou posing with one of his ribbons. He has a beautiful nose. I am convinced we are twins separated at birth! Along with the cat show, it was one of my people's birthdays! Mikey, shown below with a portrait of me on his cheek, had his 12th birthday party at the show.
He invited some friends and they all wore baseball caps with my face and slogan "Go Naked!" For lunch I packed them each a "Cat Lovers Lunch" with tuna, goldfish crackers, jerky and milk.
We also made a Litter box Birthday cake! (Chocolate cage sprinkled with graham crackers and macaroons) The fudge icing looks like cat poop! We velcroed a stuffed cat to the edge in a compromising position and cut pieces with a new scooper. Here is Daddy and Alex posing with the remains of the cake. A few passers by actually thought they were playing with poopies!

On with the show! This is me waiting to be judged in one of the rings. This show had six show rings with different judges. Each gives out ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Then, all the cats that win a 1st place ribbon compete in a final ring called "Best of the Best".

There I am at the first ring! You may be able to tell from the photo that it turns out I hate to be judged....and examined....I also have a terrible potty mouth! Who knew? Luckily, this judge just laughs at my insults.

I stop to sniff a little in this ring but still spit and swear at the judge! My mom and dad are shocked! I am well behaved at the flea market every weekend where lots of people pet me all day. I am an angel when we go into stores, restaurants and hospitals.....everyone comments on how friendly I am!

But not in the show ring! There I am telling the judge to @#%%$ off! In hindsight, I am also surprised and a little ashamed of my behavior!

There I go yowling and swearing again! Good thing these pictures do not come with sound or I would have to be bleeped!

Everyone seems to think it may be the smells of all the other cats that has upset me so! I do not know what gives people that silly idea!

Oh! well, it could have been the fact that I started picking fights with the other cats in the ring.....but I see other professional atheletes trash talking eachother on the sports network all the time!

This judge seems to understand my woes and we chat together for a few minutes. She told me she would write down all my complaints and forward them to management. Then she awards me with a 2nd place ribbon!

Here I am with my ribbon looking very bashfull. Or perhaps I am snoozing...

Along with making new fans, I liked being around other cats that are as spoiled as I am. This cat has his own sofa to lounge on!

This cat has a carpet to match her fur! What good camouflage!

There were also lots of vendors at the show with great accessories for sale. This kitty has purchased a fleecy rug with a strong sleeping potion.

So that was my very first cat show! I give the show 5 meows out of 5 without including the judging rings. I think it is clear that I do not like to be judged! I did get to meet lots of friendly people and enjoyed sitting at my booth.
As far as beauty is concerned, I have learned a valuable lesson! As long as you know you are beautiful, and your mother agrees, that is all that matters!
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