Cat in a Hat goes "Secret Santa" Shopping

Many of you follow this blog for my fashion expertise, so I feel obligated to tell you all about this season's latest fashion trend, the hat. Whether you call it a "Chapeau" or a "Touque", this winter, it is all about framing your face with headgear. Cat in the Hood. This super soft crocheted hood is so comfortable I doze off whenever I wear it! It was created with love by my artistic friend "Kerstin Wilson".

This "Trapper Hat" was sent to me by my Sphynx Lair chums "Tux and Twitch". They also gave me the convincing Santa disquise I wear at the top of the page!
"Tux" and "Twitch" totally know how to rock costumes! Here they are perfectly coiffed for a Halloween Ball!
Some of you may be familiar with the web forum "Sphynx Lair" of which I am a member. This is where I chat with other Sphynx enthusiasts around the world! We share photos, stories, and advice about the Sphynx breed and every Christmas we exchange "Secret Santa" gifts!
Last week I took my camera crew along on my "Secret Santa" shopping expedition. Mmm..."Hello Kitty" Popcorn...lets snack on this while we peruse the aisles!

Oooh! Festive lipstick! Tempting, but I do not know if my secret pal has a "Fall" or "Winter" complexion. Better be safe and just buy this for myself instead.
Oooh! An Oprah's book club selection! I love this "National Book Award" winning author ....but what if my secret Santa is just a kitten who can not read great works of literature yet? Just put one copy in the cart for me then...
Sniff...Sniff....Well minty breath is important, especially if you get caught under the mistletoe.
My people think it would be less complicated if I stuck to the Pet Department. Some people can not think outside the box! Now this "Lunch Pail" looks promising...

Never shop on an empty stomach! Pass me some of that "Hello Kitty" Popcorn people...I am working up an appetite here!
Brilliant! A desk top Sushi Bar with a drinking fountain on top! Unfortunately, this is slightly beyond my budget. Sphynxlair Santas may only spend up to $30.
Budgerigars smell delicious! I wonder if my Friend likes game? I bet the green ones taste like key lime.
Woo HOO! My favorite design of Jingle Balls packaged in bulk!!! These are very noisy and are easy to carry around in your mouth. Put them all in my cart please....What do you mean "Maybe Santa will bring me some?" I AM SANTA! Now put those opposable thumbs to work!
Well look at that! An assortment of toys in a delightful fish bag. Perfect!

Charge it to my account please.

This is what I decided to send my Secret Santa: A super soft blanket, one of my Nofuratu "Go Naked" Travel mugs, a bow tie turtle neck, a pointy hat and a sack of toys.
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Twilight Eclipse Premier at the IMAX

As you can see from the photo, I am a "Twilight" aficionado. It is not only the obvious Vampire connection that enthralls me! My romantic side is drawn to its passionate love triangles, which mirror another of my favorite novels, Wuthering Heights. This summer I had the tremendous opportunity to see Stephanie Meyer's 3rd book, Eclipse, brought to life at an Imax theatre premier! I had my people book tickets a month in advance.
Since the premier started at midnight, and the show was a few hours away from home, I had my people book a hotel room. I prefer to travel well rested!
I also invited my uncle Edward along so I would have someone intelligent to discuss the plot line and cinematography with. Here we are co ordinating outfits for the premier. Uncle Edward is named after "Edward Scissorhands", not "Edward Cullen", which is ironic since he is declawed. (We do not agree with declawing! Poor Edward came to us from the local shelter, allready missing his digits.)
Like any celebrity, I like to arrive at a movie premier in a fancy car! Fortunately, one of our family vehicles is a "Midnight Cherry" '85 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse, so we did not need to rent a Limousine. What could be more fitting for a Vampire cat to travel to a Vampire movie in?
Want to see inside?
Mom purchased this coffin years ago at a garage sale. It is perfect for holding groceries when we go shopping. It also provides great privacy for my litter box, when we travel!
Here I am climbing on the back seat we had installed. We needed a vehicle that would fit our whole family....aka...my camera crew.
If you want to read more about our Hearse, here is an article about it in the local paper Nice Folks, but Creepy Car!
Edward and I were not the only ones that dressed up! Here is daddy in his "Team Werewolf" getup. Mom drew the tattoo on with a sharpie. It is not real.
In order to ensure the best seating, we had to line up 12 hours ahead. I had my people bring lawn chairs for maximum comfort. We were about 10th in line to enter the theatre.
Here is daddy napping in my lawn chair while I watch for the snack cart.
While we were waiting I had my picture taken with the stars of "Eclipse".
I also made some new fans, Chad and Kia!
...and signed some autographs!
Uncle Edward had his picture taken with "Pussy Galore".
Uh Oh......trouble! That was right about the time ....
...that I was asked to leave the premises on account of my "not being a human!" Management were as unimpressed with my press credentials and registered therapy pet status, as my argument that "Edward" and "Jacob" are not human either.
So Uncle Edward and I were forced to READ about the "Eclipse" premier in the papers like every other commoner.
Like most boys, I prefer to do my reading in the washroom!
My people informed me that the Imax experience showed every bead of sweat on "Jacob's" skin! Upon returning home, Edward and I downloaded and watched "Eclipse" and gave it 5 meows out of 5. We will be first in line to purchase it when the DVD comes out.
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Dove House Bed and Breakfast

On one of my various important business trips last year, I had the pleasure of spending the night in Sydney, Nova Scotia! Since it was winter, I was able to take in some ice fishing en route. The most arduous part of "sleep over" trips is finding an establishment that accepts felines.
Often, we are asked if I will be confined to a cage during my stay! A cage?! While I curse and mumble about how I will fit my laptop and charge my Ipod in a cage, my people are dialing the next listing in the phonebook. Dove House Bed and Breakfast, we were delighted to discover, welcomes feline travellers! There was no mention of a cage and they had free wireless Internet for my laptop!
Located in North Sydney, at 108 Queen st, just across the street from the water, they are the best place to stay if you have to take the ferry to Newfoundland.
I chose their cozy "First Mate" room on the ground floor.
I liked this room because of the HUGE window!and also because of the sparkly chandelier! Its position over the firm, yet springy bed helped me reach for those tantalizing, shiny orbs!I LOVED the texture of this quilted micro-velvet duvet!
and I found the matching nautical chair to be very fashionable. The bed does not look its best in these photos because I had been bouncing...er testing it... beforehand.
Here I am strutting along the window seat.
It was so wide I could even eat my snacks upon it!
Check out the shine on the night table! This B&B was impeccable, the cleanest place I have ever set a paw in. This is the bathroom where I took my bubble bath before bedtime. It also had a handy window seat for me to rest on while waiting for the tub to fill. Upstairs is a lovely parlour where you can sit and relax or watch television. I was very fond of the oriental rug. Its muted colours provided great camouflage.

The fireplace made everything especially cozy....and the carpet smells good! Here I am checking out the mini bar! The reason for such a spotless, orderly home may be because one of the owners is also feline! Everyone knows how clean and tidy cats like their environment to be.

My favorite part of Dove House was their delicious breakfast! They even provided me with a fork....how civilised!
Step away from my breakfast Daddy.......I do not care if you are also the camera man. My bacon does not need a close up any more than your face needs a claw in it! So with their savory breakfast, spotless rooms, elegant decor, convenient location, reasonable rates... and abundance of windows.....I give Dove House 5 meows out of 5!
If you would like more information about Dove House, click the red title at the top of this page to visit their website. Or phone 1-902-794-1947. It is important to say I did NOT receive any monies or discounts from Dove House. As an accomplished critic, I prefer to pose as an ordinary consumer so I can do an honest review.
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