Nofuratu's Travel Mugs for Charity!

Winter is coming to New Brunswick, Canada. It snowed here yesterday! My people are always coming up with new ways to keep me warm in our drafty old Victorian home. Here is a photo of me with my new hot water bottle! It has a knitted penguin cover! I wish my mom knew how to knit because I would look fabulous in a matching knit penguin turtleneck!
Most naked cats would be thinking about settling down to hibernate with this cold weather. However, my entrepreneurial mind can not stop spinning. Since I raised so much money for "Run for the Cure", I have been wondering about fundraising for homeless animals this winter. As I was drinking my peppermint tea before bed I came up with a brilliant plan!

"Nofuratu" travel mugs! Now my fans can take me everywhere and stay hydrated! (because there is nothing worse than a dehydrated fan!)

Here are the mugs I had my people whip up. In front, is the picture insert flattened out so you can see it properly. It has my motto, "Go Naked!" We made two different mugs. The larger one is more durable and flashy and the smaller one is more thrifty.
Large mug close up. It is made from hard, durable, clear plastic.

It is more expensive, but better quality than the thrifty mug.
The photo insert of me has been laminated to protect from moisture.

50% of profits go to a pet charity!
Cost: $16.00 CDN plus shipping

(Shipping should only be a few dollars. Please email my people with your address for a shipping quote!)
This is a close up of my "Thrifty" mug.
It is smaller with soft, lighter, slightly cloudy plastic.
Made from less expensive material, but still a functional mug.
Photo insert of moi is laminated to protect from moisture.
50% of profits go to a pet charity!
Cost: $10.00 CDN plus shipping
(Shipping should only be a few dollars. Please email my people with your address, for a quote)
Hmmm. Which one was I drinking my tea from?
Answers to some questions you may have:
Where can I get these beautiful mugs? You can purchase them at my booth "The Naked Cat" in Dexter's Flea Market. Or we can ship to you.
How much is shipping and handling? Shipping depends on where you live. My people can give you a quote from Canada post. There is no mark up on shipping and no handling fees. My people use recycled packing materials that cost little or nothing.
Do you accept paypal? Yes
If 50% of profits go to a pet charity, where does the other 50% go? That goes to moi, because I am 50% selfish and spoiled. I spend all my money on clothes, treats, toys, travel accessories and fuzzy blankets and beds. In fact, I am a little bit addicted to this fabulous material called "Microfiber" which is a tad pricey!
How do you manage to be so handsome and smart? Like most felines, I sleep a minimum of 13 hours a day, which covers my beauty sleep and gives me lots of time to solve the mysteries of the universe.
How much money have you raised for pet charities so far? As of today, I have raised $100. My people will be posting updates of my progress weekly.
© 2009 Aislynne


Amy Hum said...

Nofur has such a big heart that is why I'm such big Fan...If only I didn't hurt my toe...I would go see him at Dexters and give him lots of love and kisses...plus those mugs looks like a must have for winter...Peace

Daisy said...

Nofur, you are such a philanthropic kitteh!

It looks like that hot water bottle cover would fit you perfectly as a turtleneck if you got a duplicate and made some armholes!

Nofuratu said...

Thank you both! Daisy, you could make anything fashionable! Amy I hope your toe gets better soon so you can visit.

Daisy said...

ps: Nofur, did you see that the cat storybook has traveled to The Island Cats? This is already its fourth destination (including you)!

One Cats Nip said...

Wow Nofuratu!Those mugs are so cool, and a good winter accessory! You must have quite the mind on you!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We'll have to check them out at Dexters!!

Harry Spotter said...

I am such a fan of yours. You put me to shame. I stay in my warm home, and watch the world go by while your out and about helping others. I am fur-challenged like you too. I see we are from the same cattery. Peppermint Tea- you are so COOL!

Harry Spotter

Mochy said...

Your mugs are very nice, but I have to say what really has impressed me are your very handsome and clean toes!
How do you keep them so spotless?

Nofuratu said...

Dear Mochy, thank you for your kind comments about my toes! Although I do lick them clean daily, my mom does a better job. After my weekly bath she uses a Q tip to remove all the black sludge from the skin folds, then a baby wipe to scrape off the brown grunge from each toenail. Then she uses some of my ear cleaner, which has a drying agent in it, to swab around the nail bed and then I get a quick trim. The brand of ear cleaner we use is "Vet solutions Ear cleaner" because it is not expensive and smells nice.