Nofuratu raises $200 for Breast Cancer Research!

Although this was my second year participating in this event, it was technically my first OFFICIAL year this October 4th, 2009. (Last year I just tagged along with my humans). This year I registered all by myself and got to wear my own number!
You may be wondering how a naked cat registers for something like this? It is easy. You just need a name, address and human to fill out the forms . I registered under the first name "Nofuratu" and the last name "Thenakedcat".

I raised at total of $200 in pledges! How did I raise so much? My advice is to look cute and ask for real money, not cat treats. Here I am posing with my entry number in my stroller. Because I am so bundled up, it is difficult to see my pink cordoroy coat with faux fur trimmed hood. I decided to travel with my Pink Panther doll for good luck.

Many people tell me I look just like the Pink Panther! I agree we are both very handsome. Sometimes when I am slinking about I hear the Pink Panther theme song. At first I thought it was just playing in my head, but my people say they hear it too! Perhaps I will write to the Pink Panther some day and offer to be his stunt or body double......when I am not so busy with my own adventures.
Speaking of strollers.....this is how I looked in it before we had to travel 5 km in the pouring rain. My people did a fabulous job pinking it up for me.
Pinkaboo! Here is a rear view where you can see a little of my fur trim hood. My vehicle even has a back window so I can make sure I know who is pushing me around. It is also useful for ordering drive through snacks!
Here I am with three of my people as the walk begins. I wanted to run the whole 5km but my people are not as athletic as I, so despite my months of training, we had to walk.
This is us about a kilometer in. If you look way back into the horizon you can see all the heads of the 1700 other participants.
The next 4km took place on a mud path through the woods! We got to appreciate the beautiful autumn leaves and listen to the gurgling stream.
Despite the very bumpy ride, and my people's ridiculously inept driving, I was still able to doze off. If you look closely and concentrate you can see my wrinkled head and left ear snuggling below my pink panther.
These are some gorgeous dogs I had the pleasure of meeting before the run began. It is hard to see me in my stroller because the windshield wipers are not working. Many dogs brought their people to the run this year! Dogs are very good at braving all sorts of bad weather.
Here are two more fashionable dogs I saw at the run. Abby, on the right, looks so happy about the rain she is smiling!
Being the only official naked cat participant, I made it into the paper again! For those of you keeping track, this is my third feature in the Moncton Times and Transcript.

Here is a shot of me with my people. I am not sure how they got their driver's licences, but they were great at helping me on this philanthropic venture! From shortest to tallest is Mackenzie, Michael, Alex, Mom (Aislynne) and Daddy (Brett). You can not really see me because the photographer cut my head off.
I would like to thank everyone who donated pledges and congratulate all the participants and survivors who ran this weekend! I give all of us 5 meows out of 5!
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© 2009 Aislynne


Anonymous said...

What a great thing you have done, especially in the rain, must have been nice to go through the woods and meet all those doggies! And your stroller was the tops!

SeaThreePeeO said...

Well done for raising such a great amount for such a wonderful cause!

Ricardo said...

When is Nofur going to cure cancer? He appears to be able to do everything else.

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your wonderful fundraising, Nofur! I am very proud of you.

SuziQCat said...

What a fantastic idea...great job at raising money for such a worthy cause. I am still amazed that you just sit in your stroller and don't try to jump out.

cswim2008 said...

Nofur, you did it again! You and your people never cease to amaze us! I hope you continue your efforts...there are so many worthy causes!
luv Grammy & Grampy!

wayno52 said...

Wow, I never noticed the striking resemblance between Nofur and the Pink Panther.. creepy ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great Pics!! I was just wondering how you got one of those sponge pocket outfit, I wanna dress up as one this Halloween. Thanks!

Nofuratu said...

Hi there, thank you for the compliments! We did not buy the costume. My fairy grandmother made it from scratch.