Great Day for a Parade

This summer I decided to increase my skill sets! The job description on my business cards (Critic, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur) seemed insufficient. I had been saving up my allowance to enroll in an aerospace engineering course. However, in the midst of this recession I committed to a more prudential "Paws On" learning.

What is the best skill to learn in the trenches, with the people? Yes! Activism! Since this was my first crack at being an Activist I wanted to begin with a small, benign issue ......like............Human Rights!! So I signed up to be in the Moncton "River of Pride" Parade!
I think some humans are a little confused by "Pride" Parades and think you must be gay to join in. All you need to "Be" is supportive of human rights...and if you have the luxury of opposable thumbs you can wave a flag!

The first step in becoming an activist is to let everyone know you are participating in an event. That means a Press Release and press releases need photos! I picked out this eye catching rainbow turtleneck and got straight to work with my camera people. The best part of this session, aside from dressing up, was getting to play with the rainbow coloured paperclips!

Our next task was to decorate my float! The parade route would be too long to peruse on my leash and besides, professional activists ride on floats! There was not enough time to make a large platform float so we improvised! Activists need to be flexible. It is hard to see through the disguise, but if you look very close and concentrate you can see it is my stroller under the explosion of "rainbow". The basket at the front holds my candies to throw to the crowd!

Speaking of disguises, I was not the only non-human parader. The greyhounds were there! This one is dressed in chic drag! Many beautiful greyhounds need loving homes you know. Here is a website with lots of greyhound adoption information
Here are some more greyhounds in foxy evening wear.

The most important prop for an activist is a banner! I had my people whip one up to carry in front of my float. You may recognise my portrait on the right from my 5 meow review of Peggy's Cove!

Lavish costumes are crucial in a parade if you really want to be noticed! I decorated my people each in a colour of the rainbow with an assemblage of balloons and ribbon breezing behind them.

Here is my mom in red, driving my float.

To achieve a polished look, a baton twirler at the head of the procession is vital! Luckily, one of my people, Mikey, is an accomplished rotationalist!

.......Albeit slightly directionally challenged.....

That is me bundled up in my rainbow float and peering into the multitude!

Nofuratu's Fast Fact: The Rainbow, used by the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community since 1978, is popularly embraced as a symbol for multiculturalism and political movements. Some of you may remember Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. It also appears in many myths and stories related to gender and sexuality issues in Greek, Native American, African, and other cultures.

After the parade there was a great rally by the river with fabulous performers, musicians and guest speakers! There was sunshine, dancing and camaraderie..........

.....and Bubbles!

.......Lots and lots of bubbles!!! Like an Ozzy Osbourne Christmas concert!

My good friend, and co-worker Turner came to say hello! Turner is a superbly coiffed Pomeranian who also has a booth at the flea market. We meet up regularly and discuss the latest Parisian fashion trends while sipping Lattes.

Here is an exquisite close up of me, taken by my friend, Murielle Pitre! She is a brilliant photographer no?

There were lots of pets at the rally with their people!

By the end of the rally I was all rainbowed out!

I give the Moncton River of Pride Parade 5 meows out of 5! Not just for the fabulous costumes and music, or because I was a participant............... but because human rights are important!
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© 2009 Aislynne


Daisy said...

Nofur, you have the greatest adventures, ever! I love your fancy stroller, er, float. And I think your rainbow turtleneck was a perfect choice for the event.

wayno52 said...

Turner says thanks for the vest.. and the sweater, and the jean jacket, etc. And he'll miss you this weekend. ;)