St.Patrick's Day Cat Show - Augusta, ME

Last year, my people and I celebrated St.Patrick's Day at the Nauticat's Annual Cat show in Augusta, Maine.

Though there was not a cage decorating competition, my staff went all out in our usual grandiose style!

To blend my coffin cage with a St.Patrick's themed show, we chose to construct an "Irish Wake". 

 Since Mom is Irish we were able to produce an authentic and intricate arrayal!

St. Brigid's Cross high in the corner, tea in a "Carrig Ware" cup and Guinness is a requisite!

 Everyone's Irish country grandmother's house has a picture of Elvis, JFK and the pope! Also, a view with livestock is not uncommon.

 Some probable drunken singers in Aran knit sweaters and caps complete the mourning scene. 

Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake" and "Tales from an Irish Wake" by Margaret Doar Armstrong were placed beside my coffin along with my favoured "Fish Hook" wine.

 Though St.Patrick himself was not Irish, he is renowned for converting the Irish to Christianity. 

 Patrick's parents were Romans, living in England, when he was enslaved at age 16 by Irish raiders. After 6 years in Ireland he escaped to a British Monastery. 

 March 17th, 461 AD, the date of his demise, is the day we celebrate!

His colour, blue, was also used to represent Ireland, along with the golden harp. However, with influence from Ireland's landscape and the wearing of a shamrock on St.Patrick's Day, green became popular in the 1790's. 

The shamrock, Trifolium dubium, used by St.Patrick to teach people about the Trinity. Its three leaves represented the Father, Son and holy ghost, separate entities, yet one in the same. 

St.Paddy's Day was a religious holiday from 1903-1970 in Ireland. People had to abstain from drinking since pubs were closed!

What do you think of my fur collared, green satin vestment? Divine, I know!

 So, how did Count Von Count measure up at the cat show? 

Well, with a 3 day, 18 ring show, he got zero call backs! Not one, solitary top ten ribbon! 

We were very surprised by his lack of placement... 

But Count did not seem to mind!  He says he still got some points to count and not getting called back for a ribbon meant increased nap time! 

 Speaking of slumber, these singers are getting on my nerves with the Irish drinking songs!

Perhaps some Champagne will help me sleep! 

Count and I give the Nauticats St.Paddy's day show 3 meows out of 5. Though the event was huge and well planned, we wish more people had decorated. Plus, a 3 day show was an awful lot of work for us! However, we look forward to going again and made lots of new friends!

Oh noes!!! My glass is empty!!!!
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