More Naked Louisiana Adventures!

This adventure goes back a few years during my visit to Louisiana! 
While we were there, I squeezed in an quick echocardiogram at Southpaws Veterinary Hospital in Mandeville, LA.

"Hi, yes! I am here for my appointment!" 
Since, I have HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) I must capitulate to annual cardiac ultrasounds.

Oooh what a luscious leather sofa in the waiting room! 

..and an exceptionally well stocked, complimentary snack bar! 

I will take the goldfish crackers with my soy latte. Extra foam please!

Here is my fabulous, board certified, veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Keith N. Strickland! His "Veterinary Cardiac Consultations" is a mobile cardiology unit servicing Southeast Louisiana! 

He took us on an impressive tour of the clinic. Check out the aquatic therapy machine! Thank you, no. I just bathed.

OK Doc, what are my results? 

Unfortunately, the data was disheartening. My HCM had progressed faster than expected since being diagnosed a year prior.

Dr. Strickland left it up to me as to whether to start medication and I decided to do so. He put me on 6.25mg of Atenolol daily. This beta blocker reduces the force of heart contractions, making pumping more efficient and thus, slows the hypertrophy.

As promised, I got to go to Adventure Pets after my ordeal! Hmm. "Speedy on duty"???

WOW they have a sushi bar!! I will take the yellow one please, on the left. Yes, lemon flavoured, right?

WOW! Speedy really is on duty!!!

I think he is gaining on me!

Speedy is SO fast, he sports his own licence plate!

Yes, I would like to purchase these flame and pink skull, leash and collar sets. How much monies do you require?

What do you MEAN I can not ride on top of the car??

Illegal? Srsly? How is it any different than riding on a float for Mardi Gras? 

Well from now on I demand to enter the vehicle via the sun roof. 

...and I call shotgun.

Also, just as promised, my staff took me to lunch at the "The Ugly Dog Saloon" located in New Orleans' warehouse district!

Yes, which do you recommend? The chili with baked potato or the shrimp gumbo?

Oooh! Look at this delightfully opulent, Mardi Gras beaded piano!

I shall tickle the ivories while we are waiting for my order. Any requests?

I even met a new fan at the restaurant! What brought you to the "Ugly Dog Saloon? The Chili?? Perfect. That is what I ordered!"

Delicious! Yes, lots of sour cream please!

The chili tasted as good as it looked! Nom nom nom. What? Oh! I gave Dr. Strickland, Adventure Pets and The Ugly Dog Saloon all 5 meows out of 5!

Two year update: I had great news at my two postliminary echocardiograms with Dr. JS Boileau in Quebec! Both showed little to no advancement of my HCM since starting Atenolol! I remain on the same dose today! 
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© 2014 Aislynne


Rudha-an aka FrugalGranny said...

Wow Nofur! I'm so pleased at the update. The food and pet adventure place looked fabulous. I really enjoyed all the pics. :)

kediler said...

I loved pictures in this article.

petler said...

Cool story

Lissa Mendis said...

Great snaps really enjoyed the blog for the indulging expereince!

Dr. Keith Strickland said...

I love this blog. Your name is one of the most clever I've ever encountered; a name that only some people would actually understand. I hope things are going well.

Nofuratu said...

So good to hear from you Dr. Keith Strickland! Glad to have someone appreciate my name. Things are going very well! I am 7 yrs old now. Still on the same dose of Atenolol & my HCM has not advanced! I hope to visit Louisiana again and hope you are doing great!

Sybil Nunn said...

No posts recently ? I live in Nova Scotia and have a 10 year old Sphynx that looks identical to Nofuratu -- that is -- he's a Marmalade. His name is Roswell.

Hope Nofuratu is doing well.


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