The Ganong Chocolate Museum, St. Stephen, NB

 Some time ago my people and I attended the annual Chocolate Festival in St.Stephen's, NB. 

 Our first stop was "The Chocolate Museum" in the old Ganong chocolate factory! 

 Though I am not allowed to eat chocolate, because of its toxicity to felines, I do like to savor its glorious bouquet! 

 Time to brush up on my chocolate knowledge! 

 There are plenty of interactive displays here! This is the chocolate packing test. 

 Okay Mikey, you go first. Then it is my turn!

 Oooh! Here is my score! Even without opposable thumbs I did well! Perhaps they are accepting resumes?

 Time for a brief break for some admiration by new fans!

 This looks delicious! However, it is just plastic. 

 They even have an art section!

 Here are some of my people posing with my art! You may recognise my Aunty Natasha Quirke from previous blogs! 
She was in a fantastic thriller "Truth". You can watch it here. 

 Speaking of movies, here is one on the history of chocolate making! 

 Pardon me, do you have any popcorns?

 Chocolate manufacturing in the olden days looks very labour intensive!

Ganong was the first candy company to use the heart shaped box in North America, in 1932. I should get a pretty box like this for my girlfriend Cookie! 

 Ganong made their own boxes from 1906 into the 1970's and were the first in Canada to use cellophane packaging imported from France.

 Hey what is that!?

 You can even witness live chocolate creation! Did you know hand dipping chocolate is an art that requires 2-3 years of training?

 This chocolate stirring contraption is mesmerising!

 The greatest part of the museum is the unlimited free chocolates!! Oooh here is my tray!

 I can not even have one lick? Just a teeny one?

 Fine! Some baubles at the gift shop will assuage me.  Oooh! Chocolate scented candles!

 This cupcake sharpener smells divine! 

Well, that is a wrap at the Ganong Chocolate Museum! I give them 5 meows out of 5 even though I could not sample the goods. 
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