Global Pet Food Customer Appreciation Day

Last Summer our local "Global Pet Food" store invited us to attend their customer appreciation day! 
 Count Von Count, the gourmand, was excited to inspect the food! 

 I was thrilled to test the cat trees!

Vladimir was dying to scent the catnip toy selection!  
 You may have noticed Vladimir's state-of-the-art aerodynamic tail! 

It was partially degloved in a horrific accident with a door, so half had to be amputated. Fortunately, a month later, he was healing well but still had sutures. 

 Our tails are part of our spinal column, so injuries to this appendage can result in paralysis and incontinence. 

Vlad was able to avoid any of those resultants and has developed a new appreciation for the armadillo.

 Here is a fabulous armadillo-like chaise!

 Hey Daddy! Can we purchase this?

 What do you mean I should get down? How else do you propose I inspect the merchandise to present a thorough review?

 Count Von Count tabulating the food inventory. 

Count! Stop putting nose prints on the camera! 

 The Global Pet Food staff set up a cat tree and cat house outside under an umbrella for us!

 There were plenty of chairs so our new fans and the paparazzi could relax!

 Hey! Who is that other gorgeous Sphynx, Count?

 She looks familiar..

 It was Count's sister! CatCouture's Admiral! 


 This was the first time they had glimpsed each other since leaving their mother!

 This is our friend CJ! He lives with Admiral.

 The Eukanuba cat tent was very entertaining! We even got to take one home!

Hold on, I think I hear someone at the front door.

 Yes, Hello! You are here for whom?

 Just a moment!

 Count! There is an inquiry at the door for you!

65 bags of dog food and over 20 brands to chose from? Fabulous!

ARRRGH!! Vladimir!!! He dived bombed off the cat tree onto our house! 

 And he does not look the least bit sorry! Fortunately no one was inside or we all could have been CRUSHED!

Well! That is it for our Global Pet Food excursion! We give them 5 meows out of 5. They have an abundance of stock, great prices and treat their customers well! 
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© 2013 Aislynne


Rudha-an said...

Wonderful post Nofur! Global Pet Food looks like a fun place to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining blog Nofuratu! Just found it. Wish my kitty loved walking on his leash as much as you do, I'd take him everywhere. He has a Eukanuba house too & waits for treats to be dropped in the window. Will forward your blog to my NB furriends - maybe they'll visit you at the flea market.