Wood Islands Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

 A few summers ago I had the pleasure of visiting the "Wood Islands Lighthouse" located in P.E.I, Canada.
 Here are Daddy and I posing outside the lighthouse as lobster and fisherman! Daddy I think that hat is too big for even a head as large as yours!

Wood Islands lighthouse is so popular, two Astronauts have visited it! Here I am posing with their autographed photos. Perhaps I should offer management an autographed photo of Moi? 

 There is so much to  experience here in 11 interpretive rooms! They cover everything from the history of Northumberland ferries to burning ships!

 Oooh! A real ship's wheel! Let me spin it!

 In 2007 a private collection of local sea glass was donated. Unfortunately it is a sealed exhibit so you can not play with it. Not even if you are a naked celebrity blogger. I asked.

 Here is the Rum Running room! P.E.I was the first Canadian province to enact prohibition in 1901 and the last to relinquish it in 1948.

 Mmm. Smells delicious like Rum Cake!

 The Nellie J. Banks was the most notorious Rum Running schooner! This room contains an original keg, and block & tackle from her.

 Here is the light keeper's bedroom. This lighthouse was one of the last two in P.E.I to house a family. I would LOVE to live in a lighthouse! I wonder if they will rent it out?

 They will not.  What a fabulous view!

 Here is the Fisheries room! As you can imagine it is loaded with delicious smells!

 This trap still smells like crabs!

 This room is giving me the munchies. Daddy, we will need to stop for a "McLobster" on the way home!

 Ooooh! A KNOT TYING wall!

 This is almost as exciting as a climbing wall!

 Pass it over and I will show you how to tie a "clove hitch".  We can drag something from my stroller with it.

 No, no, no. That is all wrong Daddy! Untie it and I will show you again. Pay attention this time!
 Here is a map of all the lighthouses on the island. I am going to climb them all!

 What do you mean "No one wants to clean my footprints off the glass"? They are celebrity footprints!

 Here is one of the original lenses. How do I look? Handsome. I know.

 Now it is time for my favorite part!

 Climbing to the top to see the light!

 Wood Islands Lighthouse receives over 5000 visitors a year! So these steps get a lot of traffic. Obviously, not the original stairs from 1876. 

 Help! I need a lift up to see the light!

 Ooooh! Aaaaaah!

 Mesmerising, is it not?

 Yes, the view of the Northumberland straight is nice too, but a little foggy. I can not see Nova Scotia!

 You can peruse the Wood Islands Lighthouse web site here

 Alright, back down we go. Make way!  Coming through!

 Try to keep up Daddy! 

 I should probably also mention that "animals" are not permitted inside unless you have credentials such as a press pass, therapy pet status or are a seeing/hearing dog.

I give Wood Islands lighthouse 5 meows out of 5! It had one of the most interesting museums and the staff were very friendly.
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© 2013 Aislynne


Rudha-an said...

Wonderful Nofur! We have gone to visit a couple of our lighthouses too. It's lots of fun.

Tillie and Georgia said...

WOW!! You are a very adventurous kitty Nofuratu! We are glad you had a good time in that lighthouse.
We must check your other adventures as we kitties do not adventure ourselves :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie