Andrew Ellis' Woodworking, Bathurst, NB

If you ever get to Bathurst, NB and are in the Janeville area you should check out Andrew Ellis' studio! 

He was nice enough to give me a tour after hours! That is a perk of being a celebrity journalist. You should visit during business hours. 

His store has antiques in addition to wood carved objects d'art.

He makes fabulous furniture for indoors or out. Here I am with my Aunty April, a native Bathurstian, trying out some pieces.

Cool yard art! Functional and pretty!

My special celebrity status also got us a tour of the Ellis' family grounds.  Here is a beautifully shaded spot..
With table and seats sculpted into it! How dynamic! Who has the picnic basket?

Hmph! No picnic basket! Someone on my crew has some explaining to do! It is so hard to find good help nowadays!

OOh! Look at these carvings! We are in a little building alongside the ocean. I wonder what is within the doors?

It is a library! How magnificent!

There are wonderful books and alluring artifacts enclosed in glass! Fascinating!
Oooh! Gothic style stained glass windows and resplendent seats! Would you consider renting to a small, naked cat?

No, they would not.  Alright, there is supposed to be a water tower around here somewhere. 

...right beside the bathhouse!

What an interesting door knob!

This sea creature water spout is mesmerizing!

And the copper sink has Koi!

Just when you think nothing will beat the slate and seashell shower floor...
...you look up to find an arresting gargoyle shower spout! Handsome, no? He is the one on the right.

Smashing! Now if you will excuse me, I have an overwhelming urge to pee.

Back to the gardens! Look at this serpent carved arbour! 

Mom gets frustrated with me because she says I have to climb every ladder I see...well what else are ladders for?

I am thinking "Apple Pie" right now, how about you?

If you become tired touring these large grounds there are plenty of places to rest!

This way to the lighthouse everyone! 

I LOVE lighthouses! I have visited dozens and plan to climb every one in Atlantic Canada!

Here we are on the ground floor.

Alright, this guy is a little creepy. 

Mmm. I suppose since no one brought the picnic basket, we do not have any garlic butter?

Here is the top!

Hmm. Navigating this grid is a little hard on the toes. I should have worn my climbing shoes.

Almost there!

Thank you Daddy. I can see out now!
Look! We are near the ocean! Let us go to the beach!

Here I am embarking on a perilous downward climb!

It is okay Daddy. You do not need to hold on to me! I am a professional adventurecat with mad climbing skills.

Phewf! Perhaps yesterday's pedicure was poorly planned.

Look at the incredible sunset! That was well worth the near death experience no?

The perfect end to a perfect day.

I give Andrew Ellis' art and grounds 5 meows out of 5!

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© 2012 Aislynne


Rudha-an said...

Wow Nofur. That's an amazing place you visited. Your pink plaid outfit really complimented the colors in the studio too.

Elle P. said...

Hey Nofur's Mommy! We met on the Lair (I'm Sphynx Happy!) and I was just wondering if you were still blogging? Also I wanted to let you know that I started my own pet blog and I'm loving it! It's
I hope to see you there. :)