Bikini Bathing in Bathurst, New Brunswick

One of my favorite vacation spots is Bathurst, New Brunswick.  My friends have a cliff top house by the ocean that is perfect for a relaxing getaway!

 The views are spectacular!

 The town of Bathurst, NB is small and not so fabulous for shopping.  However, there is still plenty to do if you are an outdoor enthusiast like Moi! Oooh! I will take the orange one please.

 Hmmm. It appeared much faster when it was parked on shore!
Water safety is imperative so make sure you wear your life jacket!
 Strollering along the beach is fun and provides some umbrage for a nap. 

 Surfing is another pleasant pastime.  Again, proper gear is important! My "Body Glove" swimsuit  provides solar and wind protection. 

 Colour co ordinated accessories are a must! I brought all my blue beach accoutrement for this seaside expedition.

 If you wear your sunglasses they are less likely to be sat upon.

A stylish and practical, wide brimmed hat is another required accessory since there is no safe sunblock for cats.  Coconut oil provides a 7 SPF but that is not enough for any redhead! 
Beach combing is another relaxing entertainment.  However, doing it naked  means no pockets to put new found treasures in!
Recruiting a new minion to carry your shells and beach glass is an option!
Hello! Nice to meet you! Do you by chance have any pockets?
Avelyn has no pockets....but she has a good sense of style and I bet she drops some tasty snacks! Can we keep her?
Whenever you sunbathe near water there is always the risk of encountering a wet canine! 
Or a wet Castor Canadensis, the largest rodent in North America!
And you must keep an eye out for slimy things!
Lots of people come here to camp.  Yes, this tent matches my ocean themed wardrobe. I will take it!
 Attending Barbecue parties with the locals is something else I delight in! Everyone wants a naked cat at their shindig so I get plenty of invites.
 And all the good parties have cake! That is ok. I do not need a spoon.


Got it.
 And that is part one of my Bathurst vacation! I give it 4 meows out of 5 because it does not have much for shopping or pet stores.  Stay tuned for part two!

 Did you bring my floaties?  
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© 2012 Aislynne


Anonymous said...

I love it! Always an open invitation Nofs! Don't forget lobster is coming very soon. Maybe you can come with us at the wharf to pick em up fresh. Good photo opp.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I'm glad you are enjoying you seaside escape!

Rudha-an aka FrugalGranny said...

Nofur! You look simply fabulous!

Nancy B said...

Your blog site is wonderful you guys!