Fundy Fanciers Spring Cat Show in Moncton, NB

 This spring Count and I participated in the FIRST Cat Show in Moncton, NB in over a decade! Yes, Count, a decade is TEN years. Thank you. We were thrilled to attend a show less than ONE, (thank you, Count) hour's drive from home!

 Our first obstacle was incorporating our coffin show cage into a "Spring" theme!  After much contemplation we came up with ZOMBIES!!!!
Mom made us a graveyard backdrop with Zombies springing forth from the earth among resplendent flowers.
 Then she made the heading "Spring forth New Life!" in Zombie letters!

 All this was done with toll paints and printed photos the night before the show! 
Count would like to inform you there are TWENTY-TWO zombies in our benching area. Thank you, Count.
Here is a side view of our graveyard complete with Astro turf and Robin's eggs!
Here I am posing with my "Best Decorated Cage" trophy!!!! As you can see, I take winning very seriously!
Since my coffin show cage was small for such a big award, I opted to display it outside with my gardening tools.
Count and I decided to go all out for this show with spring apparel!
I chose a delightful sunflower tank-ini with a petal skirt. It was originally a baby swimsuit I had my wardrobe people convert for me.
Count went with a figure flattering "Bumble Bee" Hoodie!
Can you see the Pit Bull with the Zombie hand in its' mouth by Count's feet?

 Yes, Count, we have TWO ribbons! 
As usual, I was on exhibition only so mine is a participant's ribbon.

 However, Count competed in the "Altered" category and won a SIXTH, SEVENTH & NINTH place!

Yes, Count that is THREE finals. 

Here I am having a drink of juice.  All the fanfare made me parched...

...and famished! I wonder what Styrofoam bird tastes like?

Apparently, Count already gave it a nibble and recommends sticking with our kibble. 

Well, that is it for the Fundy Fanciers, CCA, Moncton Cat Show! Be sure to visit us at next year's show. Yes, Count,  on the 29th&30th of March 2014.

The lunches were tasty. The competition was fierce and I had no wardrobe malfunctions! Count and I give it FIVE meows out of FIVE!
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© 2013 Aislynne

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Rudha-an aka FrugalGranny said...

Wow Nofur! Congratulations to both of you on the ribbons. Your humans created a wonderful display. You looked great in your tank-ini and the bumblebee hoodie suited Count very well.