Naked at Green Gables

After reading the Anne of Green Gables books a couple of years ago, I had my people take me to Prince Edward Island to learn more about the author Lucy Maude Montgomery.

We headed to "Green Gables Heritage Place" the site that inspired the setting for Montgomery's books.   Here are daddy and I outside the house.

For such a significant literary project I required extra assistants. You may recognise Haiden on the right from my previous adventures. Holding me on the left, is my Auntie Natasha, a talented actress.

Haiden was head of transportation for the day.

While Auntie Natasha supervised my scene layouts and worked as my acting coach.

Here she is helping me get into the character of "Anne".  Cute and mischievous.  Got it.

How is this? Perfection. I know.

   If you want to know more about Aunty Natasha, visit www.natashaquirke.com 

When we got to the center it seemed like there was more of a crowd surrounding me than Green Gables!

Looks like this is the way into the house Daddy.
Oooh! Wait just a moment, I think I saw....
...A MOUSE in the flower bed! Haiden, fetch me my cheesy crackers! It is snack time!

Ohhhh! Into the woodpile. I guess it is just crackers and caviar then Hayden. Hey, Aunty Natasha, do you think we could add fresh mouse to my rider for my next gig?
Here are Daddy and I inside the museum.  In real life this 1831 house was owned my the MacNeills, cousins of Montgomery's grandfather. 
Apparently, pets are not allowed in, but my press pass ensured entry as long as I stayed zipped up in my stroller. Humph. Like I am not civilised enough to stay behind the rope!

Next Daddy and I took a stroll through the gardens.  Is this the way to the haunted wood trail?

Oooh! Alcea!  A biennial plant from the mallow family Malvaceae, also known as "Holly Hocks".  I have planted some black ones in my garden at home.


Haiden decides to help me pick out a hat.

Hmm.  The braids do look natural with my red hair, but perhaps the bangs are a bit much.

We tried to visit the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, but my people did not have me on schedule to arrive during business hours.  It is so hard to find good help nowadays!

Nevertheless, I give Green Gables Heritage Place 4 meows out of 5.  I deducted 1 meow for having to tour the museum ENCLOSED in my stroller, instead of sitting in it politely on leash.

And I give Aunty Natasha's latest movie 5 meows out of 5.  Check out the thrilling trailer here:  http://www.truththefilm.com/Truth/Trailer.html

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© 2012 Aislynne


Oui Oui said...

We think the bangs might work without the pigtails and with a little gel. Its a shame you have to deal with such ignorance when you travel. Enclosed! Honestly! Maybe they mistook you for a Chihuahua!

Rudha-an said...

Aw, you look great with the braids. They do match your coloring. Oui Oui is right, a bit of gel might fix those bangs.

Thank you for sharing your adventure. I loved the books when I was young. Thanks to you, I might even read them again.