Introducing Count Von Count

This posting is all about my new little brother, and assistant apprentice Count Von Count!  He was born December 17th 2011 and shares his birthday with Daddy.

This is Nyx, Count's mother.  She and Count's Daddy, Captain Darling, pictured below, are part of the wonderful Cat Couture family.  If you are looking for an intelligent and ethical Sphynx breeder contact Cat Couture Cattery.
Count looks and acts very much like his Daddy.  They both close their eyes when they kiss and when they smell aromatic objects.
This is Count on the way home on his "Gotcha" Day!  He is a little spoiled like myself and appreciates the finer things in life.  Here he is enjoying the in flight movie.

Count was named after the renowned "Count Von Count" from Sesame Street.  Understandably, this makes Count drawn to Romani music, maniacal laughter and predictably, arithmomania. 
Vampires are obsessed with counting.  Check out this video of Count Von Count.

Sesame street's Count is modelled after Hollywood's greatest vampire "Bella Lugosi".  This Austria-Hungary (now Romania) born actor memorized his lines phonetically until he learned English!
If you have not seen Lugosi's starring role in the 1931 "Dracula" you have not lived. Bella was fittingly buried in one of his famous "Dracula" capes.
We think Count bears a strong resemblance to the master Draculian actor, no?

Count is currently in training to be a professional adventurecat like myself!

Although I like to use yoga in my daily training, Count prefers to exercise by doing "Parkour".  For those of you new to Parkour, it is the practice of adept movement around obstructions.  Someone performing Parkour is called a traceur.

The dilemma with training a novitiate is having to share things.  You may remember that I do not like to share, so this is a very trying time for me. 

 Here we are sharing a sunbeam, the equivalent of gold for cats.

Although Mom alleges our stroller seats three, I do not like anyone touching me.

So I suggested he ride in the trunk.
Here we are sharing my sleepy pod during a car ride.  This is not too bad since Count is warm and soft.

And I do find him useful for wiping my tongue off after a bath.

Count Von Count's other big hobby is being a gourmand.  He trains very seriously for this title, even eating the remains out of the sink strainer. Ewww.

Count says: "Don't knock it til ya try it!".

This episode of "Adventures Of A Naked Cat", is brought to you by the letters "C", "A" & "T", and the number 4,968,615,156,321,562,325,631,798. AH! AH! AH!  
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Oui Oui said...

How exciting you found a sibling you can touch and even wipe your tongue off on, then dump in the truck without his complaining! And how fitting the Count is a Tuxedo cat. We are looking forward to your new adventures together. Our mom is half Hungarian (a Magyar, pronounced Mud-ur)& has always loved Lugosi.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

We smiled and smiled today, happening upon the Count! We especially snickered at the Count in the trunk and the sink strainer gourmand!

Rudha-an said...

Aw, this made my day. You and The Count are wonderful. I'm very happy to hear that you two are getting along well. He really does resemble Lugosi. :)

Daisy said...

Happy Gotcha Day Count and welcome to your new family!