Hairless at Hal Con

Last November I had the pleasure of attending Hal-Con, the Halifax comic and science fiction convention! Although I was hoping to be invited as a guest speaker, I had to buy a ticket like all the other nerd...er...fans.Although it is difficult to stand out at Hal-Con, I did manage to attract some attention! I was bombarded by new fans who wished to pose with me. Here I am with a Klingon Green Lantern. "Qapala!"
That means "success" in Klingonese.True "Dr.Who" nuts should be familiar with the infamous toilet plungered Dalek. Exterminate!!!
All serious attendees to these conferences come in costume of course. For the first half of the day I wore my Batman outfit. Here I am checking out a robotic rat!
While doing some shopping I found this lovely painting! I think I wear it better, but the art by "Figurative Abstract Oils" certainly is nice.
Oooh! This Poe ornament must come home with me. Do you take debit?Hmm. Mind if I try this model out? A magic wand would come in handier than the can opener I use at home. "Wands of the Academy" hand turns these fancy instruments, beautiful!
Here I am with Sonic the hedgehog! How about a race around the block later?
After lunch I metamorphosed into my Bella Lugosi costume Mom made. (My fans who read last months blog know of the matching widows peaked skull cap my staff lost!) Daddy even wore contacts in a matching shade of red! That sensor is not on is it? I was concerned that Ray the Ghostbuster would discover my undead status.
Here I am in the arcade playing some pinball.
I met up with Mario, Luigi and Link!
OOoh! Can I play?? Put me down Daddy!
This lady had the BEST costume I have ever seen! If you have not watched Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" you have not witnessed true horror.I do not know who this is, but she had a stupendous chin scratching technique. I almost needed a candy cigarette afterward!
The primary rationale for my visit to Hal Con was to Schmooze with one of my favorite authors, Kelley Armstrong!
I came well prepared with books for her to sign.
"Yes, that is n...o...f...U....r.........Say, have you considered a naked vampire cat as a future character? I would be delighted to clear my schedule to assist you."Here is my signed book! I was so grateful, I presented Kelley my autograph in return.
Next, I headed to the conference rooms for a lecture on Vampires by John Hillman, aka J.A Slade.
He read from his book "Muse", about a sexy and humorous Halifax based vampire. I devoured this book and am eager for the next! You can download this 5 Meow work HERE. or HERE . And, when you can not get enough of "Mistress Maeve", tune into her
music blog.

I was a little jealous of this fanciful stroller!This "Bender" costume is pretty amazing!We also met a Spartan from Halo and "Boba Fett", who had a realistic built in voice changer/ microphone system. Then we chatted with some zombies.

We finished up Hal Con with a "sit down" interview for Background Noise! Unfortunately we do not have the footage, but here is a photo of me answering questions.

What an exciting, celebrity filled day! (and I am not just referring to myself). I have all ready started planning next years costume, which will be based on Star Trek's "Tribble" episode. We give Hal Con 5 meows out of 5!
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John Hillman said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I must say, this post purrrr-fectly sums up the weekend.

(Hey, don't judge. We're all due at least one cringeworthy cat pun per year. :-) )

Oui Oui said...

Wow! That really looks like fun! There were a lot of great costumes, but we loved your vampire costume and daddy's eyes the best! The loss of the skull cap is lamentable, maybe your mom will surprise you with a new one?

Daisy said...

Nofur, you always have the best adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nofur..nice to meet you. Wow you really had a great time. Love all of your pictures and the batman costume!