Halloween Cat Show in Halifax! 5 Meows

After watching an exceptionally long television marathon of "Toddlers in Tiaras", Vladimir decided he wanted to take a whack at being a show cat!Since I am a retired from the pageant circuit, and an expert in this field, I agreed to coach Vlad on being a beauty queen.
So this past Halloween, Vladimir and I travelled to Halifax for their two day, 10 ring competition! I am on the right, atop the "managers" pillow.
I loaned Vlad my luxurious coffin cage. Since I am also a professional designer, we had the perfect setup.
This is a close up of the background Mom painted.
And here is Vladimir posing with our "Best decorated Cage" ribbon!
Since Vladimir is not a registered purebred like myself, we entered him in the "Household Pet" category. Any cat can enter, as long as they are neutered, and not declawed.Household pets are judged on their grooming, health and demeanor. To prepare for the event I put Vlad on a strict diet and excercise regime. After months of jogging, now he is wondering why we are just "sitting around" at the cat show, and when is the weigh in? Perhaps Vladimir was expecting a more athletic event, like a boxing match, because in EVERY ring he swore profusely and wrestled with the judges.
In his defense, the combativeness may have been due to my overzealous coaching. Since I am a bit Type A myself, I may have gone overboard on his "Diva" training. Also, all those "Toddlers in Tiaras" episodes might have clouded his conception of pageantry.This is how a happy show cat should appear in the ring.And this is Vladimir, after taking a swing at two other contestants and spewing profanities at the judge.
In spite of his behavior, Vladimir did win a first place title! That judge loved his soft, immaculately groomed skin. Out of the other 9 rings he won a 6th, two 8th, a 9th and two 10th place positions. Since he was only competing against 11 other cats, you can see how his poor anger management may have skewed the results. Here he is, gnawing on his ribbon.

This is a video of Vlad receiving one of his winners plaques!
A great aspect of this cat show was finally getting to meet "Roxy" our online pen pal!Additionally, we got to dress up for the "Best Feline Halloween Costume" contest. Vlad decided to be a big hairy spider! I am very proud of him, since I taught him about "irony".
I wore my home made "Dracula" ensemble. I was especially delighted with the fit of my widows peak skull cap, which took mom 5 hours to make.
Here I am in costume at the cat show. Notice anything missing? Yes! My idiot staff LOST my widows peaked skull cap. I do not want to talk about it further in case I lose my temper. Besides, Mom was quite upset too.
The feline costume competition was formidable! There was a Luke Skywalker....
...and a tipsy Mickey Mouse....
My favorites were the "Pirate with a Parrot",
and the "Cat eating Shark".
This witch was adorable!
and my friend "Roxy" went with a sexy fairy getup.
Although I did not use those exact words around Roxy's brother, our other pen pal, a gun toting cow cat.This gorgeous guitar player won "Best Feline Costume"!
Cat shows can be a bit platitudinous in between rings.
So I brought a good book...
...and listened to some tunes on my ipod.
Vladimir spent most of his time napping,
or repeatedly asking if he could open his candy blood syrup I.V bag yet.

Here is a video of me resting at our booth. I look a little alarmed because I did not recognise the videographer, and wondered if they had a filming permit!Daddy won Best Costume for humans, with his "Sponge Pocket" suit! I wonder what kind of spills he was asked to mop up?
Here are the cool prizes we won for Daddy's costume and our cage decorations!
Of course Vladimir was only interested in his Winners Ribbon!
He insists on taking it to bed with him every night, and gazes at it for hours.
All in all, It was the most fun I have had at a cat show yet! Both Vlad and I gave it 5 meows out of 5! We will not be at another show for a while though, unless we find another kitty to coach.Vladimir decided he has reached the peak of his pageant career and is retired from the ring. Now he wants to become a manager, like me. Perhaps we will open a talent agency?

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~*Connie*~ said...

the skull cap IS beautiful, and so sad it was lost, but you look down right frightening with out it. Great costume and you won in my mind.

Glad you had such a great time at the show.

Daisy said...

Way to go, Vladimir!

Nofur, your Dracula costume is to DIE for! Too bad you lost your skullcap.

Oui Oui said...

We think both of you are winners! Your mom and dad did a great job as usual, and you both looked great in your costumes. Too bad the skullcap was lost - it was a lot of work and it looked awesome! Vlad was so sweet with his awards, but where did he learn such language? We have a beautiful kitty, Julie, but she would act like Vlad at a show - growling, hissing, cussing and smacking. How embarrassing!

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Boxing match, hahameow! Surprisingly, Coco boxes with the judges but loves being an Ambassador cat...go figure!

Your costumes are spooktacular!

Kat and the Furrsonality gang said...

We are so happy to find yet another Sphynx blog - we thought for a moment we were the only ones! We're excited to be your newest follower ^^

Awesome job, Vladimir! We is show kitties, too, and we enjoy it very much :)