Phantom at "Cats The Mewsical" Cat Show

Earlier this year Count Von Count entered his first cat show!  
In Fredericton, New Brunswick, the Chickadee Cat Club held their ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) two day Cat Show.
The show's theme was "Cats The Mewsical".  Since our "cage" is a coffin, we thought "Phantom of the Opera" was a good musical to furbish our benching area as.

I had my people paint a theatre back drop just like the "Palais Garnier" with a dazzling golden chandelier.. 
...suspended above my hand painted paper gondola! I was attired in my home-made phantom outfit, complete with a satin cape.
If you look closely you will see the catacombs behind my gondola that blend perfectly with my watery fabric!
Most of the time Count roosted in his coffin and I in my gondola, but we did take turns in each because I am learning to share.

 Count found my gondola to be very agreeable. Perhaps it was the rocking of the gentle waves?
Here I am taking a spell in the coffin. Reminds me of olden days when I was a show cat! Because I am retired, I am on exhibition only which means I pose and sign autographs.

For this show, Count was enrolled as a kitten because he was only 6 months of age.
Count's sister, Admiral, was also in the show! She is shown here on the right.
The third Sphynx in Count's category was "Story", a beautiful tortoiseshell likewise from Count's breeder "Cat Couture".
So this pageant ended up being a little family reunion for us!
Count was a bit apprehensive in the evaluating rings.
And he did not smile very much at the judges!
But Story was a more knowledgeable at 8 months old...
...And REALLY hammed it up in the ring!
This gorgeous Abyssinian was also quite comfortable during appraisal.
All three Sphynx are judged against each other according to the breed description of the ideal Sphynx. The ultimate goal is to attain a final (top 10) in each ring.
Because Count and Admiral are the same colour, black and white, the judge has to select which is the finest of their colour.
While Story automatically receives a "best colour" ribbon, since she is the only tortoiseshell Sphynx!
Admiral has a black nose and long black leggings, while Count has a white nose and primarily white leggings.
Because Count is male, and Admiral female, they each get a ribbon for best of their sex in their colour category.
By the end of the show, Admiral had won a 2nd, a 6th, two 7th places, a 9th and a 10th place ribbon!
Count got a 2nd, two 5th and two 9th place ribbons!  Story kicked both their butts with a fabulous 1st, two 3rds, a 5th and an 8th place ribbon. Thank you, Count, for keeping score.
Here is the benching area that won "Best Decorated Cage"!
They had lavish curtains and flickering lanterns inside. Very tasteful and understated!
I think these cats won runner up best decor.
At the end of the show, Count was pooped!
And I was terribly grumpy about not winning best decorated cage, so much so, that I rode in my gondola for the two hour trip home! 
Count and I give the Chickadee Cat Club's show 5 meows out 5.  I wanted to give it zero meows because I am a sore loser, but Count would not stop counting until he got to five! (Ah Ah Ahhh) We are looking forward to next year!
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© 2012 Aislynne


Inflamed said...

I think you got cheated out of winning the best cage set up Nofur! Well done to the entire family :-)

Rudha-an said...

I agree with Inflamed. You were cheated. I'm sure you had the best cage/benching area design. However, congratulations to Count. He did very well. Both of you looked magnificent. He did look adorable sleeping in your gondola though. :)

Andrea said...

What a magnificent cage decoration! You must have felt quite royal while in it.