Spidercat or Aquacat? Visiting the Hopewell Rocks

A while back we had some Irish family visiting, so we decided to show off our local New Brunswick, Canadian sights.  We chose the world famous "Hopewell Rocks".

Since there would be a lot of climbing involved I selected my "Spidercat" getup. 

Ascending the rocks can be very dangerous if you do not pay attention to the time! This handy sign helps you determine if there is an imminent drowning risk.

As to be expected, the only way down is an anfractuous stairway.  Fortunately Daddy was there to hoist me in my stroller all the way down.

No need to be alarmed! I am a professional Adventurecat, and Daddy says he is excellent at lifting heavy things. Wait a second, are you suggesting I am heavy?

Here I am taking a peek over the edge. These rocks are nicknamed "Flower Pot" rocks.  The tides erode the sandstone base...

..causing some of these rocks to separate from the cliffs with their vegetation intact.  Mesmerising!
Once we made it to the ocean's bottom I tried to keep a low profile in my Spidercat disguise.

But within a few minutes I was recognised by some fans and my cover was blown! It is tough being a celebrity, always in the spotlight!

The tide here rises between 32 to 46 feet (10-14 metres) on average!!  In comparison, the rest of the world has tides less than 3 feet.

Speaking of water flow. I need to use the facilities. Lets see.....where can I "go"?

Perfect! This must be the feline washroom. It has high edges just like my litter at home, although I am not sure about these rock totems in the centre...

Makes me feel like something is watching me while I squat! Oh! Hi Daddy! Did you need to use the facilities too? Come on in! I think these totems represent stalls.

Apparently Daddy did not have to use the facilities and kept grumbling about "not being able to take me anywhere 'sandy' because I ALWAYS pee in it".  Hmph!

Right! Back to the tour!  The tides here rise at a rate of 4 to 6 feet per hour as 100 billion tonnes of water flow into the Bay of Fundy twice daily.

Here is an aerial view with the tides in! The gravitational pull of the moon and the proportions of Fundy Bay are contributors to such magnificent tides.

The moon....Zzzzzz.......Nap attack!

Oh, are we embarking already? What about the wildlife? I have not covered that yet!

Here is Daddy washing my ride before we head indoors to the interpretation centre.

You missed a spot there on the right rear.  It is so hard to find good help nowadays!

I was just saying your rinsing technique left something to be desired, Daddy.  There was no need to threaten me with a bath!!! And I can NOT "Do it myself"....no opposing thumbs, remember? Grumble....grumble.

The interpretive centre has lots of tourist information.  Look we are the same colour!

Oooh! What is that Monstrosity??

Wow! a life size whale tail model!

Here is a model I can scale! They really put a lot of thought into these interactive designs!

Not to be confused with the "Woolly Mammoth", Mastodon (Mammut Americanum) are smaller and became extinct first.  This model is not to scale...
..But this one IS! Did you know Mastodon means "Nipple teeth"?
Here is a "Short-Billed Dowitcher".  Each July between 1 and 2.5 million shore birds come here on their only rest stop during a 4000 Km (2500 mile) migration south!
Oooh! A "Semipalmated Plover"! I have heard these are delicious on the Barbeque!

From the Hopewell Rocks themselves, to the interpretive centre, I give this attraction 5 meows out of 5. Next trip I hope to kayak there during high tide!
P.S  If you go on "New Brunswick Day", August 1st, admission is usually free!
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© 2012 Aislynne


Rudha-an said...

Wow Nofur, that was really cool. I would love to go see the Hopewell Rocks one day.

Inflamed said...

You've got me all hungry for Semipalmated Plover now...
Those rock formations look really impressive as does that tide coming in! Glad you had such a fun & informative outing Nofur :-)