Spring Break 2009 - Cats gone naked!

Being a celebrity, I attract much attention wherever I go. For vacation, I need a relaxing retreat away from the paparazzi. Good company and entertainment are also a must. Where does any celebrity go when they need time alone? No, not rehab…jail? NO….the SPA!

I can not tell you the exact location of my oasis, because then I would have to kill you. I can say that it is at my Auntie’s house. They live in the country with fresh air, spring water and know everything there is to know about pampering cats like myself.

These are my aunties, "Dianne" and "Wendy". As a serious reporting cat I must tell you a shocking family secret. Although we look very alike, my aunties are not biologically related to me. They are adopted! Every family has a shocking secret of their own. To find yours, examine your family tree and consult relatives.

Below are my cousins "Blue", "Uggs" and "Marbles". Of course, my cousins are blood relatives....all cats are related in some manner.
One might ask what a naked cat does at his aunties house/spa for three weeks?

First we play dress up! This is Marbles wearing my Barbie, business casual outfit.

Auntie Dianne and Wendy wanted to be sure their felines would not make fun of my follicular limitations. So, they made the other cats walk a mile in my clothes. (Cats do not wear shoes). I was very excited about glamorizing my cousins! I have a natural flair for fashion you know.

Uggs picked out a “Bite Me” tank top. Uggs has no teeth, but he does have an incredible sense of humour!
We all learned a valuable lesson during Uggs debut on the cat walk. If you are not used to tank tops they can make you feel inebriated! For some reason, clothes make Uggs' feet go up into the air more than down onto the ground. Luckily, I do not go anywhere without my camera! Here is the video replay….

Here I am climbing my favorite chair.

When I reach the summit I scratch it like this! Ahhhh...so invigorating! What is that you say? I can not hear you over all the scratching sounds! ...Auntie Wendy's computer chair? No, I have not seen it...............ahhhhh....can ...not....stop...................scratching!!!

Vacationing at my auntie's house is sort of like being on a cruise! You get to eat a lot of gourmet food. Here I am trying some new cuisine: Chicken breast with rice, and for desert, yogurt. My favorite!

The art of cooking inspired me so much I signed up for a baking class! This is me about to roll out a batch of cookies. What do you mean someone already took the name "The naked chef" ?

My favorite part about cooking is the warm oven. Are the cookies ready yet?

Sometimes I like to go exploring. Curiosity killed the cat you know! Oooh what is down here?

A whole room dedicated to Coca Cola paraphernalia? These people are crazy!

I wonder if they will mind me drinking my Pepsi?

My cousins love to bring out all their toys when I come over for play dates. It is almost like my aunties house is a theme park for cats! These people are geniuses!!! Must be in the genes.

I do not know how anyone gets work done around here with all these fabulous toys!

....3am? but I was just getting started...

Marbles and I took multiple cat naps with this handy window napper.

Sometimes I would watch cartoons.

Or show off my blog to everyone.

I was also introduced to a ridiculously addictive new hobby: Birdwatching! This is taking up so much of my time now, I may have to give up my weekly bingo outings.

I knew I had a serious problem when I started to prefer bird watching over eating! It is true what they say about bird watching being like a "gateway drug". First it is birds. Then comes the Squirrel watching!

I think I may have fallen asleep squirrel watching because someone has thrown a blanket over me.

Now the other activity I should have seen coming during my stay at auntie Dianne and Wendy's Spa was my weekly bath! Blah! I hate my baths!
Pardon me madam, but I am sure I cancelled my baths upon check in with the receptionist. Oooh! Look at that dirty water! Well, perhaps just a quick scrub then.....do you have any rubber duckies?

Well that was my exciting celebrity spa vacation at my aunties house! I give the staff and facilities a well deserved 5 meows out of 5. Now for a quick, post bath nap in my snugly drying blanket.....just drop me off at auntie Wendy's computer chair.....zzzzzz

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© 2009 Aislynne


cokedw said...

What a wonderful place to vacation! I feel Nofur really enjoyed the Coca-Cola and that photo is proof he was ignoring Pepsi!!(Sorry Mom, the truth hurts!) I wonder if he will ever go again????

ARMorr said...

LOL!! Awesome, I can't wait to read more of your wacky adventures!!!

SuziQCat said...

Do you have to bathe Nofur very often? How does he tolerate it? He looks pretty calm in his picture.

Anonymous said...

What kind of shampoo do the kitty use?

Holly Davidson said...

See ya at the the market this weekend.

Nofuratu said...

In that photo Im a little worked up but usually I just sit there calmly until the end when it is time for my bottom to be washed. I do not like baths but they are a fact of life for my breed. I have a bath once a week. With no hair to absorb my body oils, I get greasy and can leave marks on furniture or develop skin problems without a weekly bath. I do like the hot towels fresh from the dryer that I get wrapped up in afterwards though. For shampoo I just use a little liquid hand soap to get through the grease and also to make good bubbles. Bubbles are an important part of a good bath. For spot cleaning when I am dirty and can not bathe, I use baby wipes.


Wormgirl said...

Do you have to wach a naked cat, or can they do it all by them self? Just curious, would like a cat like than on my own some day.
(I know my english is bad)
funny blog :D

Nofuratu said...

Sphynx cats need a bath once a week which includes washing around the base of each toenail and between skin folds and ears. I do bathe myself daily but I rely on my people to put me in the tub for my big weekly bubble bath. They also brush my teeth and pop the pimples on my chin!

SuziQCat said...

Thanks for the info on bathing...I see you mentioned pimples. Are these common in Sphynx? My boys get some blackheads on their chins now, and I comb it out, but luckily only Smokey had to have any pimples popped! We manage this with combing, and also switching their food bowls to glass. I can't wait to see another update on Nofur!