Income Tax Invasion

Thank you to all my fans for visiting my blog! I hope to have my latest adventure, Spring Break 2009, posted soon. The reason for the delay is of course.....you guessed it....

........................................INCOME TAXES!
I insist on doing my own taxes you know. My deductions are very complex due to my various small businesses and charitable contributions. I tell my people I am not willing to burden them with the magnitude of it all. Between you and I, the truth is I do not trust them to get the math right.

To give you an example of how inept my people are, here is a photo of their latest scheme. Their solution to getting me out of the house for a winter adventure is this preposterous hat! Now I ask you, would you let these obtuse humans do your taxes? I think not.

Some of you sceptics may wonder how a naked cat does his own taxes. The answer is simple really. I do them in the same manner in which a cat with hair would do them!

First I sharpen all my number 2 HB pencils. Then I get all my reciepts sorted and prepare to read the instructions.

What is this gibberish on page two? I can not make sense of it.....wait a second........of course! I do not have my glasses on! No wonder it all looks like Japanese.

Where are my glasses anyway? I knew I should not have taken out my contacts yet.

Ah, here they are. Now, as I was saying......the second step is to make sure you carry the seven....

..and then you divide that by.....Zzzzzz..........zz....eh? Allright, just a quick Cat Nap first....zzzz

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Monica L. said...

Aislynne, I love Nofuratu's blog, and this post is especially hilarious!

cokedw said...

Awww...too cute! I really like him in glasses! I so wanted to see him in that hat! (LOL)

myangel93 said...

Love the pictures "Norfurato" keep up the good work, I like your sense of humor.Take care to you and your family.
Sincerely David

Anonymous said...

Nofaratu ...you are just to darn cute..Hope you get a refund on those taxes... LOL

Willy C Wuddle said...

Hey Nofur, hang in there, Buddy. My parents have an angora cat who's shedding her hair. I'll gather some to make you a toupe so you don't need to wear the hat when it gets cold out.