Size Matters! World's Longest Covered Bridge

Today was a great day for "Super Sized" Adventures! What could be more appropriate than the World's Largest Covered Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick?
Feeling some trepidation over reporting on such a capacious and renowned structure, I decided to enlist some help! Sometimes good help comes in small packages, like Haiden. He has a good eye for details though! I know this because he often pokes me in the eye. Haiden has been helping me build up my corneal reflexes because mine are somewhat slow. Perhaps that is because I have no eyelashes to warn me of incoming objects... No, it is probably my contacts....
Nofuratu's physiology tidbit: The Corneal reflex, causes both eyes to blink when only one eye is subject to touch, bright light or sound greater than 40-60 decibels. This reflex protects the eyes by spreading tears and removing foreign bodies. Contact lenses can reduce or eliminate your corneal reflex.

Here we are whispering our secret plan which I think involved peanut butter sandwiches.......

This is a lovely monument that gives you some quick facts about Hartland's famous bridge. It is 1,282 feet long and is open to vehicles driving across, providing they meet some restrictions.
Here I am reading upside down...

Unfortunately the bridge was undergoing some construction during our visit, so Haiden and I were not able to run back and forth across it all afternoon as we had previously planned.

As usual, my serious feline reporting skills enabled me to get behind the scenes. Although they did not permit me to strut my stuff on their catwalk, these construction workers were happy to be interviewed by moi and pose for photos. I wish I had remembered to get their names...

Of course I stopped to check out the gift shop. Who knew orange cats were so popular?

I have not met many moose, but this one seems to be as "super sized" as the bridge!

This is a tree I climbed near the picnic tables. Would you believe that was my first climb in a real tree? Good thing I have been practising on my peoples furniture and walls over the last few months! It is important to be prepared.

Despite the unsavory view of repairs, Haiden and I give Hartland's covered bridge 1,282 Meows out of 5. It was certainly worth the trip!

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Scott in Moncton said...

Wow. I didn't know the world's largest covered bridge was in Hartland. Thanks for the inside info Nofur!

Ashley said...

That's just way too cute