Guy's Frenchys has Cool Digs for a Cat Size Budget

Many of my fans ask me where I get my fabulous clothing and accessories! My secret for cool digs on a cat sized budget is Guy's Frenchys. Here is their web site http://www.guysfrenchys.com/

Although I make it a point to visit any Guy's Frenchys I pass during my travels, my FAVORITE location is Mountain rd (near Trinity Drive) in Moncton, where we did this photo shoot. The staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming to good mannered naked cats like myself.

Here I go on a shopping extravaganza!

First I get a basket...

Then I do a quick flip through the racks.

Sometimes I just stroll around the store and wait for something to catch my eye.

This fleece lined Scottish number is going to be great for fall. I'll take it!

The best part of a trip to Frenchys is trying stuff on!! Since I am comfortable being naked in public, I do not bother with the changing rooms. Pink Flamingo! My new favorite.

Did you see a hat to go with this?

Mmmmmm...used shoes smell the best.

"Lady, that is not your color or style." (I even help other customers shop by giving my expert opinion)

This section is mislabeled "Purses" when it should obviously be "Hammocks".

Frenchys also sells rags in prewrapped bundles.

Perfect for Bouncing!

This is Verna! She a cashier that shares her water with me, gives me pens when I have to write important notes, and helps me pick out good books! I respect Verna's fashion sense.

Have you ever wondered what is behind these doors? Only serious feline reporters like moi get an all access pass and luckily for you, I brought my camera crew.

Now I admit I imagined something more glamorous... like thousands of tasty, "Clothes Sorting Mice" pushing carts past mountains of new stock with their fancy opposable thumbs...cheese and cracker breaks....or maybe Christmas elves?...but the secret is not mice or Santa's elves....

It is simply highly efficient ladies with opposable thumbs and rubber totes! Here I am helping out with some tough work. This is one of my people, Mackenzie. She bought her snazzy outfit at Frenchys too.

There is a play area with a TV. That is me down by Eeyore.

Verna, what do you think we should pick to read next? Have you seen any T.S Eliot in the book bin?

Guy's Frenchys family clothing gets 5 Meows out of 5!
Okay people, where did we park the car?

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© 2008 Aislynne


cokedw said...

I have to let you know that the Amherst Frenchy's is almost as lovely as the Moncton, Mountain Road.....we have done the Frenchy's tour and this one is a must!!

PS. What is your size? I'll watch for stuff!

Nofuratu said...

Fabulous! I can not wait to visit the Amherst Frenchys! I will get my people to plan a trip for me there soon. I am a size Medium in clothing beleive it or not. I know I look svelte but I do have a bit of a pot belly. My neck size is small. I like to wear my collars loose!