Naked Nauticats in Massachusetts

This summer Count Von Count and I adventured to Sturbridge, Massachusetts for their Nauticats cat club, beach themed cat show!

It was not difficult to coalesce our "Coffin Cage" with a beach theme display.  We simply set our coffin on the board walk beside the ice cream stand!
Our benching area quickly attracted a crowd and it was not merely because of our seagulls!
Ours was the exclusive "Nude Beach" in the show hall!
I employed a floaty cup for my snacks and donned my pink Diva shades.
Count festooned his coffin with patio lights, beach toys and lifeguard accessories. Water safety is paramount when you can not swim!
Since I am retired from the pageant circuit, I kicked of my shoes and relaxed as an "Exhibition Only" entry!
I was delighted to finally utilize the fabulous pink sandals my Auntie April bought me!
While I was "chillaxin",  Count was hard at work, vamping in the show ring!
Perfect Count! Show her your teeths!
Hmm. Second best breed, colour and division.  Perhaps Count should ignore my coaching?
On the second day of the show, Count wanted a turn on my "floaty bed".  You all know how I feel about sharing so you can guess what ensued!
"Count! You can not sit here! Your foot is in my spleen and we are going to plummet to the ocean floor with all this weight!"
Well! There was no need to worry about my failed coaching! Count never actually listens to anything I say.
During the show, a generous cowpoke gave me my own cowboy hat! How do I look?
We made plenty new friends! This is "Rerun".  He is a BIG beautiful boy! We look alike no?
We even encountered another celebrity therapy pet! Meet Moxie, a 22lb Savannah! They are, a very rare domestic hybrid cat made from cross breeding with the African Serval.  To his right, is a regular sized kitty for comparison.

Unfortunately, Count did not win any finals ribbons! However, we still esteem him as the most fetching Sphynx, aside from myself of course!

There was no "Best decorated cage" competition but we did receive a great deal of compliments on our benching area!

Back at the hotel we caught up on some necessitous sleep after an exhausting weekend!

Check out was very efficient with Count Von Count overseeing our packing.

On the long journey home, we stopped at ALL the pet stores en route!
We picked out a new fall wardrobe from the edgy Bret Michaels line...
and appraised the local delicacies! Yes Count, it is lemon/Lime flavoured!
We had a delightful time at Petco, enjoying their "Litter Bar"...
...and treat bar! The staff were extremely helpful too.
Count Von Count and I give the Nauticats, Sturbridge TICA show and our Massachusetts trip 5 Meows out of 5!
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© 2012 Aislynne

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Rudha-an said...

Wow Nofur! I really enjoyed this one. Your sandals are really cute. I'm sorry that The Count didn't win any finals, but his day is coming. Both of you are so handsome. Your beach theme looked very professional. :)