Moncton "River of Pride" Parade

Before I recount my latest action in the Moncton, NB Pride Parade, I should introduce you to my new sister "Bella". She lived in Michigan with Vladimir (whom you met in my last blog) for a year, so they are bosom buddies. Prior to then, we are unsure of Bella's background, although she insists she is an exiled Russian princess. Unfortunately, Bella and I tend to clash, probably because of our similar "prima donna" personalities. After some scratches appeared on Bella's face, and her staunch refusal to wear a helmet, I was sentenced to these pink sparkly claws of shame. Although they are quite fashionable, I am seriously crabulated about my weapons' temporary sheathing. Like myself, Bella is highly perspicacious. This was evident on her drive home from Michigan, when my crew mysteriously found themselves in front of the Quebec Aquarium, completely off course.
Here is Bella looking innocent and denying any knowledge of the GPS route's baffling change in destination. My people are convinced it was just a glitch, but I know the truth.So this summer I decided to include my siblings Vladimir and Bella in Moncton's annual Pride Parade to teach them about Activism. Elaborate costumes are imperative for rallies! Here is Vladimir in a trendy punk tutu dress that camouflages his ample bottom. We all wore homemade rainbow necklaces.
Bella chose a rainbow leotard that is sure to make her stand out in traffic. Of course, she
and I have similar taste in clothing and accessories. I was miffed by her decision since I picked out the exact same outfit!! A lengthy squabble ensued that almost came to fisticuffs, but the Pride's spirit of solidarity inspired us to keep the matching ensembles.
Once costumes were established, I had my people build our floats. Mine is pictured here in the background, with Bella in her own carriage because she does not like to be "touched". Here is the glittering banner attached to the front of my float showing my website.
Since we live in the maritimes, I chose an ocean theme. The float itself is a shopping cart draped with thundering wave fabric. On the left side Mom made this ship with my photo in it!
And on the right side she pinned a life size picture of me to a surf board.
The top of my ride was filled with down pillows and I was delighted with the results! The sequined banner was particularly eye catching.
While everyone got set up Vladimir took one of my people for a walk around the starting grounds.
Here I am in my slinky unitard. Dad said I should be in an "Under Armour" commercial. I relaxed in the car before facing my big crowd of fans. What? Am I on already?
Once I climbed into my float I realised I should have designed one with a roof to keep out the hot sun. Where is my sun visor???!!! Who is holding my parasol??Bella had plenty of shade in her 1950's pram. Drat! My people left my sun umbrella in the other car at the end of the parade route! Ridiculous planning. I should have fired the whole team,
AFTER pushing my float in the procession. Luckily I enjoyed being draped in my cotton blankie.
I did not however, like being draped in Vladimir. Hello!! I am being trod upon here!!!
What are you doing in front anyway? I am the star and you are in training.
Vladimir was so "pumped" about the demonstration he refused to sit still and kept trampling all over me!
So Daddy decided to carry him instead.
Ah! Much better. Now I am travelling like a true celebrity. Off we go!Here in Canada, people of the same gender can marry and divorce. Since 1992, soldiers of any sexual preference have been free to serve their country. That makes me proud to be Canadian! This gorgeous French Bulldog from Quebec looks equally proud standing with his two Daddies.Vladimir really seemed to revel in all the attention of my supporters!It was too hot to stay in costume though, so we did most of the march in the nude. Here is my baton twirler strutting in front of me. After the cavalcade we all gathered in Riverfront Park for refreshments and entertainment. Vladimir and I surveyed the stage together from the back window of our stroller.While Bella snoozed in her buggy. This festive Shih Tzu terrier mix named Rudy stopped by to admire my float. However we were too sun drenched and sleepy to chat. Vladimir, Bella and I rated the Moncton Pride Parade 4 meows out of 5. We deducted one meow because we were slightly disappointed with the human turnout this year.... but it was still pretty fabulous.
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Daisy said...

You look so cool in your rainbow unitard and necklaces. Hooray for Canada for allowing equal rights for everybuddy! I wish the US were as progressive.

ps: I love your sparkly pink toenails.

Oui Oui (Lolly) said...

Wow! Fashion sense must be a characteristic of your breed! You are lucky to have such creative people so you can travel in style; they did a great job on your float! Bella looks very sweet. You will probably find yourself liking her soon. I love her carriage too! We can't wait to read about your next adventure.

Stacy Hurt said...

Oh my! There are THREE of you now! Bella is just lovely! You boys are gorgeous as always. The parade looked like fun! We love the dress & rainbow tutu on your human! DARLING!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Jen said...

Love the outfits for this year. Looks like you had a great time. Can't wait for the next blog.