Naked on Bourbon street, N'awlins

Everyone who travels to New Orleans must visit Bourbon Street, named after the ruling French royal family "The House of Bourbon" when the city was founded. Here I am trying to climb up the street sign to have my photo taken. However, someone must have greased the pole so Daddy had to hold me up. The first spot we hit was "Fat Tuesday" for some Daiquiris. Here is uncle Scott who was part of my camera crew that day. And here I am with "brain freeze" after a few sips. Despite my numerous wrinkles I was asked for ID and thus had to drink a non alcoholic nectar.After having read Jerry Strahan's "Managing Ignatius - The lunacy of lucky dogs and life in New Orleans", in addition to John Kennedy O'Toole's "Confederacy of Dunces", I was delighted to come upon a Lucky Dogs hot dog cart! Bourbon street is not limited to the alliterative "bars, blues and boobs". There are many colourful shopping spots. Here I am trying out a Mardi Gras mask......and an alligator head. Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo is a must if you need some magical assistance. It is also a small museum. The auspicious staff helped me choose a Voodoo doll. For dinner we went to Sammy's and munched on seafood Jambalaya, and deep fried Alligator. Delicious. I even spoke French with the Creole chef!Then we enjoyed a jazz concert in Musical Legends Park with "Steamboat Willie"! He is one cool cat! Here we are after the show.One of greatest elements of New Orleans is how fanciful music turns strangers into partners for few minutes!Speaking of music, the main reason for my trip to Bourbon street was to hear my idol "Big Al Carson" sing. I have his Christmas CD at home, and was excited to hear him live! Big Al plays regularly at "The Funky Pirate". Here is daddy holding me outside the bar because the speakers were too loud indoors.
During intermission I had the pleasure of posing for a picture with him! But after that I listened outside because the high decibles.
The Funky Pirate is also famous for its "Hand Grenade" drink! Another great aspect of New Orleans is its open container liquor laws. Wherever you stroll, you may bring your beverage, as long as it is not in a glass.
Here I am drinking out of my souvenir "hand grenade" cup. Fabulous!
I was not the only animal working on Bourbon street that night, and that is not a reference to the crowd. This is "Ace". He does crowd control and public relations. Here we are watching an impromptu brass band.
"Ace" even had his own squad car number! It is branded on him along with the shape of the state of Louisiana.
Bourbon street is decadent and exciting, and as long as you do not mind a little nudity, you are bound to agree with me and give it 5 meows out of 5.

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Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Disco is envious of your travels and getting to meet famous people and police horses, too...Guess you were right at home with the nudity part, hahameow!

~*Connie*~ said...

What fun you had! I just found your blog, and I have to say I LOVE that shot of your paw in the header!!

Rudha-an said...

Wow Nofur, I'm a bit envious of your adventures. I does look like you had a lot of fun.

Nudie Patootie said...

My mom & I just loved seeing your trip to New Orleans! My favorite part was seeing the beautiful Mardi Gras mask- I must get one. You are one lucky Sphynx to have these great adventures!!!