A Well Planned Wedding - 5 Meows

As a celebration of love, and in preparation of my peoples upcoming numptuals, I decided to take a crack at being a wedding planner! I deduced the best place for a naked cat to study the matrimonial arts would be a wedding convention. So I packed up my crew and headed to the annual Moncton Wedding Show! First on the agenda was a bridal fashion show. I had to stay away from the loud speakers because of my sensitive ears...
..but fortunately cats have excellent vision over distances. You guys are taking notes on these patterns and colours right?
Next, since I am not not worried about fitting into a dress, I am off to sample the cakes!! I wonder if these zebra striped cupcakes taste like the real thing?
When my people asked the "Glamour Cakes" representative If I could get a close up shot with the merchandise, he looked completely horrified and sputtered "No, no, no, no." So I crossed them off my vendor list and moved on!
The champagne people had no qualms whatsoever with a Sphynx cat close up shot! Of course everyone knows alcohol and nudity are often synonymous.
Mmm! A fragrant fruity bouquet with a hint of Niagara grapes. Delicious!
Another activity that often occurs after alcohol consumption is tattooing! Here is a less permanent Henna alternative. Bridal Hennaing dates back to the Usko-Mediterranean civilization during the Neolithic period.

Oooh! A bubble machine! Bubbles are a party "must have".

Speaking of parties, this is the party bus!!! I look very serious in this picture because partying is serious business. Woo Hoo!

The party bus is loaded with speakers, a bar, disco lights and even has a pole dancing instrument!

After the bus I checked out some chandeliers and table settings...

This traditional design was my favorite, perhaps because it complemented my "love machine" outfit so well.

After all my hard work, my people decided to traipse off to the local courthouse! They did promise me they would have a large wedding and reception next year....over which I could have full reign.

Despite the short notice, I was still able to dig up a clean tuxedo.

That is when Daddy told me I was not his only "Best Man"! Apparently, he needed someone who could sign the wedding certificate...

So here is uncle Scott behind me, showing off his opposable thumbs. I like to remind him that he is the 2nd best man whenever he brings out the "thumb" card.

While we waited for the ceremony to start I snooped around the courtroom. That is when the judge entered and informed us very sternly that this was not the place for animals!!!

My people explained that I was a very well mannered, certified therapy pet that has visits people in the hospital! The judge decided to let me stay! However as soon as she started speaking, something strange came over me...

...and I began to HOWL! I did not just meow, I CATERWAULED! I yowled, and Raowled and no one could shut me up! My people were extremely embarrassed because I had never behaved in this manner before!

I have sat quietly through dozens of school plays and dance recitals! I do my own banking and grocery shopping without a peep! No one can understand what has gotten into me, least of all myself!

Here is Daddy gritting his teeth in a fake smile, signalling for me to be removed from the room before the judge kicks everyone out...

So I spent the rest of the ceremony on a bench outside the room, smiling sweetly at the bailiff, with my pie hole clamped shut!

Once the judge left, I silently posed for pictures with everyone! Here we are from left to right,

Back Row: Daddy, Grampy, Auntie April, Uncle Colin, Uncle Scott. Middle Row: Mom holding me, Granny
Front Row: Alex, Mikey, Mackenzie
After the photos I took the elevator and left the courthouse without a sound! Since then I have reverted to my usual custom of not speaking in public.

What can I say? Weddings make me cry. I give this wedding, and the Moncton Bridal Show 5 Yowls out of 5.
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© 2011 Aislynne


Stacy Hurt said...

ConCatulations to the newlyweds! And my goodness I'm so surprised you didn't realize you were just joining in the moment & letting mum & da know you were happy about the whole thing!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

As always, your post both entertain and inform! This one is precious!! Oh, funny, but the date on your post is 2/22/11, not 4/22/11 maybe that's when this whole nuptual thing began?

Susan and Gabriel said...

Nofur, please pass on our sincere congratulations to your people! And don't be embarrassed. Everyone cries at weddings. Or perhaps you were performing that special song Dad had secretly requested for the ceremony?

Rudha-an said...

Well, gosh Nofur, that was an excellent blog post. I'm sure you are thrilled. You looked simply dashing in your tuxedo.

Please congratulate your people for me. :)

Daisy said...

Congratulations to your mom and dad! The look on your dad's face when you started yowling cracked me up!

Uncle Scott said...

Well done. I think you were yeowling a romantic song. That's what I heard(or was I just thinking about how to live without you?) Either way Nof, you were creating memories. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nof! Great post. I thought your yowling was very lyrical and definitely added to the memories of that special day...one, I'm sure that mom and dad will remember always!
The champagne booth was definitely a memorable part of the Moncton Bridal Show for me too! The champagne very light and fruity indeed - you have a nose for fine bubblies (thanks for letting me finish your glass off)... love ya...Grammy and Edward!

Anonymous said...

Oh weddings are emotion events, lots of people cry/howl! Thanks for sharing the special day with us. Best man #2 is cute!

Harry Spotter said...

Congratulations to you mom and dad. Loved your blow by blow account of the bridal show and the ceremony. Crying at weddings is a given and you were very emotional after all that wedding planning. You looked very handsome in your tux. Love the post and thanks for your very witty commentary.

one of Fae's humans said...

a very belated congratulations to your humans! :))

maybe all of the emotion in the room just got to you and you just couldn't hold back...!

Mike and Butterball said...

A judges ego has no place in a wedding. She had no right to kick you out. Your mom got married and she wanted you there. You were right in voicing your disdain.

AliceTheSphynx said...

You look really cute in you tux Nofur hehe

Mr. Peabody (fan extraordinaire) said...

Your mother is a lovely looking lady. I don't know why we don't see more pics of her. Congrats to all!