"Pretty Kitty" Sweaters - From Russia with Love

Whether they fall victim to wear and tear from me doing all my own stunts, or shrink in the wash, the reality is: A naked cat living in Atlantic Canada goes through a magnitude of sweaters!
Since most sweater consumers are canine, it is difficult to find a good weave that complements my svelte, feline body shape.

After much thought, I turned my search to Northern Eurasia. Since Russia is the largest country in the world, and at times almost completely snow covered, I deduced they would be experts on sweater design.
I was right. Moscow based "Pretty Kitty" Haute Couture was conceived with the Sphynx cat in mind! I sent them my measurements and received these exquisite, adventurous patterns!
Before trying on my new sweaters, I had a meticulous bath to remove any dirt or body oils from my crevices.
First, I tried on my "Creamsicle" sweater. Daddy says this colour scheme makes him want to give me a big lick!
Although $27 is a bargain for wearable art, I have asked Daddy to refrain from licking my new Russian garments.
I LOVE this sweater because it is super fuzzy and complements my creamy skin tone. The little flower on the neck makes me feel luscious!
I was a little too sleepy and crabulated in my photos to do this sweater the justice it deserves. Here is one of "Pretty Kitty's" exotic Russian Sphynx models who shows it off with a smile!

This is my fish skeleton tank sweater. The bones are made with several shades of purple and accented with neat little black studs.
Speaking of studs, here I am modelling the back.....
....and a side ....
Finally, here is my comfortable, grape, ribbed sweater!
It is easy to feel confident in clothes tailored especially for me! This sweater is clearly a perfect fit, just like the other two!
The stretchy, ribbed pattern lets me pounce and play for hours without feeling constricted.
It is like being completely naked, only warmer!
To see more "Pretty Kitty" designs visit her shop at Sphynx Lair. Dosvidaniya!
It is important to say that I did NOT receive any monies or gifts from Pretty Kitty to do this review. As an accomplished critic, I prefer to pose as an ordinary consumer so I can do an honest review.
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Daisy said...

Those sweaters are fabulous, Nofur! I especially like the fish skeleton. Good modeling!

The Paw Relations said...

Those are wonderful sweaters!

Harry Spotter said...

I have the same problem with sweaters too. Veryhard to find ones that fit and don't fall off. Thanks for the reviews, I will send my mum over to look at some for winter time. I like to be prepared. Thanks for the post.

marlene said...

They look great and fit so well. Thanks for modeling them for us.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh my...fantastic fit and what lovely looks...leave it to you to find the perfect sweaters!