Bedtime Stories and Book Club Review with Daddy!

Thank you for joining me for my latest book review! Although I have posted some before, I have decided to start an official "Nofuratu Book Club" to help boost feline and human literacy rates! My bibliophile fans already know the advantages that come from reading. It accelerates your vocabulary and thus, ability to communicate effectively. Reading is also great entertainment! Open a book and you can travel anywhere in the galaxy! Adventures wait for you on every page!

This fabulous book "Three Stories You Can Read to your Cat" will appeal to the seasoned book lover and beginner readers! It is cleverly written to be enjoyed out loud, so if you can not read yet, you can follow along with your human (or humans can follow along with their cats if the former is unable).
One book with three stories can be stretched out over 3 bedtimes! Plus, each story is short enough to finish the same night. So you do not have to stop in the middle and then stay awake all night wondering what happens next! I like Daddy to read to me after my bubble bath, before napping.
I love my Daddy! Here is a picture of me as a kitten hanging onto him and nibbling on his hand. You can see how much I love him if you look into my eyes! See?
Right, so back to the book. The first story is called "The Rainy Day". It is about a cat who is bored being stuck inside because of the poor weather, and learns how to make the sun appear! Next comes "The Yummy Bug". It describes great feats of subterfuge and stealful hunting rewarded with the ingestion of a rather sour tasting beetle. Lastly, "The Good Day" gives a detailed timeline of a cat having fun "home alone" smashing bowls, scratching curtains and carpets and much more! I give this book 5 meows out of 5. The illustrations are very funny and the stories are about everyday cat life.
Daddy likes the book so much he reads it again after I have dozed off!

Daddy must have been checking out my library some more and came across a book I meant to hide under the bed! I think I will be in trouble when I wake up!
Book Club Update Sept 7th 2009
Since the publication of my review, I was able to find some felines interested in promoting litteracy! They have joined my book club "The Litteracy Box" and have made a pact to read this book, post an online review and then forward the book to another keen cat! How Sensational!
The book went to Florida's Daisy the Curly Cat and Harley too! They did a review after their mom read it to them. Then they forwarded the book to cats Fatty and Ricky, who posted their review yesterday! I can not wait to find out who will get the book next! Check out their blogs and view this page regularly to follow the book. We hope it will fall into the paws of cats around the world!
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Daisy said...

Nofur, you are so adorable! I especially like the picture of you as a bebbeh. Bedtime stories sound like lots of fun! At night, my Mommie usually reads a book in bed, but she has never read one aloud to me before. You are lucky!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

We're going to steal our biped's credit card and buy a couple of dem books. We think our cousins would like it for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

happy to meet you!

Keisha said...

I like storees. Sometimes I sneek up when my Mom is readin the noozpaper.

Kathy said...

Oh, you look so cute when you are asleep! Boy, that book must be a good one to send you off to dreamland. You are very sneaky with that last book. Your daddy looks very surprised to find it.

Boris Kitty said...

it sure looks like u an yer daddy enjoy yer reading time togetter. Ma humans reads ta me sumtimes too.

Sara Katt said...

August 22nd, 2009
Hi Nofur,
Nice to meet you! Thanks for the book review!
Sara Cat