Running for the Cure

Those of you who have received my spiffy new business cards may have noticed my job titles are: "Critic, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur". Although it may seem by my blog that I am on permanent vacation, this is not the case! Here is my latest philanthropic adventure " Run for the Cure" which took place Sunday October 5th in Centennial Park, Moncton.
Some of you may wonder how on earth a naked feline can participate in such an event, especially with such cold weather! First, I am no ordinary Sphynx and second, I have the right gear. Yes I said it! It is not my athletic prowess, but my clothes which gave me the edge.
I contacted Nike and Adidas for some custom sneakers but their translators did not speak "Meow". Imagine! So I went barefoot with a cable knit turtleneck underneath a parka vest with a fur edged, removable hood. It is faux fur of course.
I decided to warm up on the race track near the water park. My warm up exercises consisted of pouncing on leaves and kicking around a soccer ball mostly.
I did talk mom into letting me climb a tree! Although I am very spoiled my people encourage me to do "cat like" things so I will stay grounded. I did not realise my turtleneck, parka and freshly pedicured nails would also help me stay grounded! This picture was taken just before I fell out of the tree!
There I am way, way up in the upper left corner of the picture. I would like to have posted a photo of me falling to give my fans proof that I do my own stunts. Unfortunately, daddy put the camera down to catch me. He is an excellent catcher! Next time I climb a tree this high I will wear my safety harness and ropes.
Before the run I had some power bars (okay, I ate some ants, flies and such) so I had lots of energy! Where is the start line?

I was going to borrow Haiden's stroller again but figured that would be cheating. Instead, I had my people put me in my "Snugly"so they could do all the walking while I took in the sights. Here I am all bundled up and ready to go!
This is my friend "Bosco" who did all the walking himself!
Here I am posing by some decorations.

I was especially taken with the pink feather boas people were wearing!

Well it was a long hard day so I ended the run with a cat nap. Someone thought it would be funny if they folded my ears into my turtleneck during my snooze and snapped a picture. Hilarious. My people are so immature sometimes.

Well that is a wrap!

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© 2008 Aislynne


The Crew said...

It's obvious you gave it your all for a great cause. You look fabulous in your outfit!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Nofuratu I think you are the coolest kitty I know! I adore your energy and all the adventures you go on. I wonder if you would allow me to use one of your photos to help promote cancer awareness.
I am very proud of you!
Love your fan Miss Peach

Anonymous said...

Nofuratu, I think you should have your own clothing line, sweathers, vests, hoodies and of course we cannot forget those boas! Looking forward to seing a photo shoot on your website soon!

a huge fan xo

Nofuratu said...

Dear Miss Peach, Thank you for the lovely comments! You are more than welcome to use my pictures for promoting breast cancer awareness. lots of love,