Nearly Naked Outtakes

With so many Paparazzi taking our photos we have been able to compile a few candid shots! Some you may have seen on my Facebook page, and some....not...

 A delightful closeup of Vampir's nose hairs 

 Moi, in a fancy Toque sent to me by a friend! Perfect for snowboarding!

 Cat spill in aisle 3! 

 Vladimir's Superbowl outfit.

 Vampzilla stomping through Halloween town! This is why we can not have nice things!

A Valentine Selfie to my girlfriend Cookie. 

  Vlad photo-bombing my shoot!


 Moi, posing with a photo of my girlfriend, Cookie, in the fantastic BOX she sent me!!!! She is a keeper!

 Count Von Count counting the millimeters for Daddy! 

 Daddy's little sparkler....all fizzled out!

 Renfield goes Tarzan! Ahh-ah-aha-haaaa! 


 How many calories in a roadkill Opossum?

 Count Von Ridiculous being eaten by his hammock.

 When are the fireworks going to start???


 Count Von Count in his Lightening bolt sweater. He can count much faster in it!

  If I could breathe, I would be snoring.

  What kind of nest is this, you ask?

 I do not know, but it is probably large enough to eat me. Cut the shoot!!!

 Yes, those are my back legs behind my front ones. 


 Why am I always on the bottom and Vlad, the heaviest, always on top in the cheer-leading pyramid?

 Count Von Patty-Cakes.

 Yes, I stole the George Foreman Grill cleaning sponge! Delicious and low fat!  

 Renfield, mid ear cleaning.

 Renfield, mid.....never mind.

  Moi, outside Stephen King's house!

 Tail-Earring. It is all the rage in Europe.

 Butt-Hat. It is all the rage in Europe.

 Winged Victory....with a head.

Training for my next 2k Ca-R-Ma marathon! I like to work out to music but my ear buds kept falling out...so Daddy sang for me instead!

Blogging is exhausting! 
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© 2015 Aislynne

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World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing these fun outtake photo. So much fun seeing all the great times you have. The Tarzan photo is of our favorite. Hope you're having a wonderful start to your day.
World of Animals